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  1. What I have: 200 Omni Sac 200 Int/Heal Eni 200 Str Panda 200 Str/Int Cra 200 Str Xelor 200 Int Rogue (with 199 Str/Int Iop on the same account) 200 Cha Feca 200 Str/Int Enu What I want: A four man team based around my Sac and Eni primarily. Thinking Panda would be a good utility, but not sure about the 4th, open to suggestions. I'm getting back into the game after 6+ years, so would like to try out some of the post Frig 3 content. Also I need to come up with a solution for my whole team being down 1 MP with the dragoturkey changes, so wouldn't mind some pointers there either! Goals: Getting back into high level dungeons. Thanks!
  2. Hey, I'm considering giving the game a try again, as I'm craving some turn based mmorpg action. It's probably been a good 6 years since I played. I was previously on Solar, and am aware of the server merge etc. I was mostly wondering how the PvM content works these days. I used to run 8 accounts, and I definitely don't want to do that anymore. What do people think is required/optimal these days to do PvM content? Thanks!
  3. Still baffles me why some people are against them making money, calling them greedy etc. How exactly is the company running a game you play making money a bad thing? Especially when you don't have to pay for it if you don't want to.
  4. Last day of Movember! Check out all of my progress pics :) http://au.movember.com/mospace/10498773
  5. If I start playing properly again I'd probably use this to change my enu into an iop so I could use rogue and iop in the same team. Obviously an idea to make money, which we shouldn't consider a bad thing (more money = better game in theory). Plus with soft cap changes it's do able. It's a little pay to win, which is never great, but with XP bonuses and such it's really only pay to win a little faster and more expensively than usual.
  6. Pretty off topic, but since there has been Wakfu talk. I actually find multi clienting easier in Wakfu than Dofus now. They have added a follow function, so basically you have your alts click follow on the main, and all you have to do is run the one character and the rest follow automatically. Fights are pretty much the same as dofus, gotta click between windows. But yeah, it's an awesome feature, although it wouldn't really work on dofus because of how the map works. I'm not sure what the new feature will be like, but Dofus probably needs it more than Wakfu haha.
  7. Day 9 update is here, starting to look a bit ginger in the right light! http://au.movember.com/mospace/10498773
  8. My day 6 picture is up for those that want to follow my mo-gress ;) (see what I did there?) http://au.movember.com/mospace/10498773 Getting noticeable enough for people to start asking "what the hell is on your face?" which is the best way to lead into an awareness raising conversation!
  9. Thanks for the support Coops! Very much appreciated.
  10. Hey all :) So after several years of putting it off, or deciding not to at the last minute, this year I'm participating in Movember! For those that don't know, Movember is about raising awareness (and funds) for men's health issues - things like prostate and testicular cancer, and more recently mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. This is done by people like myself looking ridiculous for the month of November by growing a moustache :) It's a great cause, I think pretty much everyone has either been affected by these issues, or knows someone that has been. So please check out my progress, for a laugh if nothing else, but of course any donations by those that can afford it would be much appreciated as well. Check out my page at - http://au.movember.com/mospace/10498773 Thanks, Elm
  11. You act smart, but you thought archangel called you fat, don't be calling people dumb dumb. People who share accounts accept the risk that some day their stuff might get taken. People who take stuff are shit. People who troll, or actually believe the stupid stuff they come up with, to make someone feel bad about their misfortune, are worse.
  12. I think it would make people hunt with each other more actually, at least early on. Non multi accounters used to be looking for teams of 8 constantly to hunt gelanos, now it's only on bots at jellies. I just think there's a lot of allowances they could/should make to make this a better experience, like making sure that day 2 of almanax isn't an item from the CB area, but they probably won't.
  13. Yeah I know, but that's why I was making my first point about being able to drop gear. Having to craft everything is annoying, especially after playing wakfu for a while. Not being able to drop stuff like prespic gear or gelanos would take a lot of the fun out of starting fresh on a server for me. It was so much fun doing those hunts as a noob, and the excitement of ever dropping something, even when it only makes you 20kk. I know they removed these drops for a number of reasons, but I think it would be good on a fresh server where no one has insane prospecting or the old style enu armies.
  14. I think any kind of hardcore server would work better if more equipment were drop-able (like the old days and on wakfu) instead of completely relying on high level professions for anything decent. Professions should remain important, but I question whether they should be essential where one death can wipe them. That or they should be easier to level on this sort of server. Having a low level profession alt that never does any fights is a little bit against the spirit of the game on a hardcore server, in my opinion. For a true hardcore experience you need to go all out with one character per account. If you play in ultra safe mode to never ever die, then why not just play a normal server? Have to play with some risk to get the true hardcore experience xD. I probably wouldn't play this server, but then I never had any interest in the heroic server either. So my opinions probably aren't really appropriate haha.
  15. I think raydi's are like the international version of hispanic shields (kinda), not worth much here, worth lots on French because they don't exist there. Also, I would say that the reason people get banned is probably more for the whole exploiting a bug aspect, rather than trading between servers. Reason being it's not meant to be possible to transfer between communities - they find a way to do it and make a profit from it. Making a profit from something that's not meant to be possible upsets the balance of the game, whereas technically everyone could make money from intra-community transfers. The rules are about inter server trading are either out of date or not enforced, because buying cheap on French and selling high on rushu isn't really any different to buying cheap on rushu and selling high on solar (apart from the not being meant to be able to do it side of things). When they added the ability to transfer servers that rule pretty much went out the window, and it's what most people use server transfers for. Just my thoughts on the whole thing anyway, who could know for sure. Maybe the people who got banned got reported by someone that knew they were doing it? Bringing over exclusive shields is a lot more obvious to the general public than runes. It's difficult to believe that they would notice some inter-community transfers but not all. Maybe they only take action if reported, after all they are still making money from every single transfer, and buy the sounds of it, some of those people do a lot. (As opposed to that ogrine bug exploit thing a while back, where they were definitely losing out, hence all the bans/roll back).
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