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  1. Frig 3 leeching 500kk each dung extra if with achievements - 200kk each Idols 500kk Count 2mil 500kk per Achievement (No to Duo hehe) Feel free to message me
  2. All Professions are level 200 Pm me in game for any crafts (I dont Mage) 50kk for regular crafts 100kk for Smith crafts Gathering Mats 100kk for service and Price will be at Market Price (if I have mats in bank I wont charge the service fee) Feel free to message me in game ^_^
  3. MBK-44


    Heyooo, Lookin for a vortex run leech, cuz im not bothered to do it myself Hit me up, we can discuss price through pm IGN: Мвк
  4. looking at everyone posting their acheivs make even more unmotivated to do shit =.=
  5. Olly that is a terrorist act, Im an arab and im teaching you this... please be shameful of yourself tsk tsk Dont say it in public, pm me we can plan ;)
  6. You freaking better say that... im waiting for that answer
  7. Watch your back bae ;> Will be missed tho <3 keep in touch on skype and update me if anything fishy happens ;P huehue
  8. I already reinstalled same thing happens =.=
  9. How dare you say that.. OFC PEOPLE CARE
  10. for my tynril run i use Dakid/Payo/Great Payo/Major Dogab/Minor Dogab/ Major Nyoro
  11. Tynril needs its own set of idols, i don't remember which but ill find the combo and get back to you other then that, i used Dakid/neki/minor dogab/dogab/ougaa/great yosh but the thing is you gotta blitz the monster, if you keep it till the next turn u ded brah! PS HOW ARE YOU NOOB LONG TIME NO SEE, don't be a noob and die ok?!!
  12. such rudeness olly be nice or don't say anything noob.
  13. I would change sac with elio for some good dmg and as for the dungs, levelling your chars and getting them into good gear helps a lot, it isn't much about the classes but more about the gear level, as for masq they don't really have any use but shields with is the purpose of their class but the -35% hp spell made the masq a good class, which they don't have anymore, on the other hand elio as i suggested earlier, allows you to hit higher through portals which is dependant on the portal distance. Extra damage = win <3 I hope this helped you.
  14. olly is just bored and has no life, just commenting on imps posts, when he isn't even playing dofus #TrueHater
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