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  1. bought can be closed thank you
  2. I'm aware of grinding for sets, I simply mean the peak ability of a 200 is far outshines the peak of a 199 and that this nerfing of dungeons wasn't made with the mind of letting 199's do it but rather so the people who are 200 but haven't put in the grind the peak of 200 set wise can do these dungeons. Just to start, I don't actually play Dofus anymore so you can take what I'm about to say and just assume I'm a quitter cause I didn't feel like putting effort into the game. But I was a solo player and I also had to put in time and effort into this game in order to get to where I am in this game. I know exactly how hard it is to gear an account to a point where F3 is beatable and if you can't do that but I'm sorry you really do just need to put in more time and effort into the game. If you can't put in more time and effort into this game then do you deserve to be able to beat what is supposed to be the end-game hardest content in the game? I get it's a game, but all dofus boils down to is a way to waste time, but you're saying you don't have enough time to waste? I mean I fully understand not enjoying the grind at times but you still have to respect the people who do put in that time and what this update does is make it so all those people who have already put in the time are now being screwed over. So I mean the have good reason to be upset with this. I'm personally just here because my summer job doesn't start till next Friday and I'm bored.
  3. @bobeur I'm not saying skill doesn't matter, however look at the best set a 199 could make for something like an int rogue vs the best lvl 200 int rogue set. I mean I truly believe there is a limit to how much skill can make up for the lack of stats you gain from 199 - 200, I will say maybe that gap isn't as large as I actually think but still there is a gap. Also I'd argue that with the exos that guy you linked has one his 5 lower lvls, that his sets for those 154 or 199 lvl teams is probably worth more than your average lvl 200 players set. @anthonyclark I mean of course the difficulty jump from F2 to F3 is a large one but I still think that F3 is honestly a very balanced and doable set of dungeons as is. I mean any of those dungeons can be done relatively easily with a group of friends assuming you have the gear for it and the classes you bring have ways to counter the dungeon mechanics. I'm not saying that I can go beat all the the f3 dungeons right now first try but I am confident that I could beat any of those dungeons within a day or two and I think anyone who is 200 is capable of doing these dungeons. I'm not going to say you lack the skill the beat these dungeons but perhaps you might think about revamping your set I mean just from what I see on the characters page, you're sram has plenty of room to be improved and overall made stronger without having to be any better at the game. I mean it's one thing to say you can't beat these dungeons and you have an optimal set and your spells are leveled, but not to be rude but your sram has a long way to go before I think you can justifiably say that these dungeons are too hard.
  4. @Sommanker you mention having to pay more for having multiple accounts as a reason why ankama doesn't really push multiple accounts; however I see that as the exact reason why ankama pushed multiaccounting, 1 player with 4 accounts is spending more money to play than a solo account player. Strictly from a business stand point I would never think to care about the solo players. Frankly this is in my mind the biggest reason ankama wants multi accounting to be more of the focus. I believe Ankama is trying to make the game something is can be enjoyed as a solo player but if you truly want to be good at the game you have to make multiple accounts... I can go on a whole rant as to why I think this for many reason but this isn't really the forum topic post :P @anthonyclark I'm still not sure exactly if you understood my point that I don't believe this game is meant to be played at any other level other than 200 strictly talking PvM. Since F3 and the release of lvl 200 gear, the gap of abilities and stats of a 199 and 200 cannot be compensated with any amount of skill. In my opinion I believe this nerf to dungeons was not made so that lower levels are capable of doing these dungeons but instead it is allowing the majority of lvl 200 players (who cannot currently do the dungeon) to be able to beat the dungeons. That is why people are upset, anyone can level to 200 without any skill and then simply because they're 200 they can now do these currently 'impossible' end-game dungeons. That is where people are torn should end-game content only reflect the level you are or should there be skill involved realizing that the skill level of many 200's is currently well below what is required for some of the current dungeons.
  5. @Professor So just generally speaking, there is no argument to me that can be made for solo account players. The game isn't meant to played in a solo account way. As far as I can see being a Solo account is the most causal way to play this game and you're literally restricting yourself because you don't want to make 3 - 4 alts to allow yourself to do 90% of this game. I mean if you just make an eni, panda, and iop the amount of things you can do increases dramatically. You can say whatever you want but I thoroughly believe there is no reason ankama should cater to solo accouters. I don't really understand what you mean, generally speaking all dungeons besides F3 have no skill requirements to get to. I mean as long as one person is capable of running to the dungeon entrance they can teleport the group to the entrance as long as they have the lvl requirement or in dimensions case the mobs don't even agro... I mean you're right this update doesn't mean everyone and their brother will be able to go beat every dungeon in the game without trying, but this update does make all of the dungeons considerably easier and greatly reduces the skill gap between top tier and mid tier players (I make the assumption everyone is 200 and if you're not 200 then you really shouldn't be complaining the game is impossible)
  6. I'm positive that what you consider rich and what I consider rich are on two different levels, and I'm not saying that you didn't earn what you have from your own work, but you have realize this is the exact opposite of a job, this is game we pay people to play and therefore we have all rights to complain about what we find upsetting. From what I can see, you're one of the best PvM players on Echo and you need to realize that most people can't compare to what you consider simple. If people really still haven't been able to beat F3, then that means that for years now almost all the content that has been released has been impossible for them... Yes, I agree and believe anyone who put in a little bit of effort could easily beat f3 and progress through the game but if Ankama wants to push their game in a direction where achievements are the main source of resources and basically not be a game of luck but a game of purely skill reward based game play then I can understand why they want to lower the skill cap. This is one reason I think focusing on achievements as the core part of the game is bad, at least in 1.29 people could play the characters they wanted and grind anything and sooner or later get lucky enough to get the drops. People shouldn't have to be forced to do achievements for materials but if Ankama is going to make this the way the game works then yes they should lower the skill requirements because the more people that can beat this content means the more people playing and paying Ankama. I agree they should reduce boss mats required for recipes and remove the materials received from the beating the dungeon achievement and then reduce the materials received from other achievements in a dungeon. This way if you are unable to do achievements in a dungeon there is still hope of being able to get drops and make the items this way, because currently if you were a 4 man team and you wanted to make QoT set they would need 30 embroids and if they already wasted the mats from achievements then they have to run QoT 20 times before having even half the embroids needed? I simply don't think that the current system is created a way that works for a long lasting content...
  7. Patching the game is fine, but those people still got to keep their achievements which as bob said laughing in the face of the people who did the achievement the real way, besides the only bug I mentioned was the elio bug in merk, the yosh idol 'glitch' was just a creative way to abuse working mechanics in this game that ankama didn't bother to test thoroughly enough to realize this would happen. So sure you can say I'm complaining that Ankama is patching their game because it's annoying they run a beta for a few weeks thinking that's enough then something like elios are released literally breaking an entire end-game dungeon boss... And this happens all the time Ankama releases content and then will change it within weeks because it is not going as they intended it to go... The QoT bomb strat was not a bug it was just abusing mechanics the way Ankama did not intend, yet all the 'hardcore' end game players got an easy pass to getting the achievements within QoT, or how they made mobs in dimension dungeons invincible for one turn on spawn so that all the people who rushed catseye had a much easier time than the people who did not... I just mean I've seen countless 'patches' to dungeons that have made the dungeons harder not because of any bug but because ankama saw too many people beating it too fast for their taste...
  8. You do realize this happens all the time? Imagine how people felt who did merk duo before/after elio bug was abused, people who did any of the dimension duos before they were trios, did trio in dimensions before/after yosh idol glitch was patched, people who did not do catseye achs before mobs were invincible on spawn, people who did not do QoT before bomb strat was patched ... My point is Ankama is constant fucking people over with updates/patches. I mean this is the main reason I quit, the time it would take me to set up and prepare to do anything in this game basically would be so long that by the time I was ready to do something, its been revamped/nerfed/buffed. Complaining this is going to make mats cheaper is just you being upset that you're not going to be as rich as you are currently is kind of just annoying...
  9. I completely agree, Ankamas method for releasing content for the last few years has been realease, wait until someone finds easy method or bug, let all the people who can afford to immediately class change/ has alts to copy easy/cheese strat. revamp the game so that method no longer works, then wonder why no one wants to go do this content.. I mean think about when QoT was released and you could do both the achieves just by hiding in the corner and letting bombs kill all the mobs, how many of those people ever went back to beat queen after the update? Instead they got to just sit on their embroids and watch as the price went up and make profit...
  10. I wouldn't mind doing a few of them with you though I'm not currently the most active of players so finding me online might prove difficult.not to mention I'm not even subbed atm. Feel free to hit me up in game at Bob-skittle or to message me on imps though
  11. HAHA This makes me the most active member in Twisted seeing as I log about once a month. Basically means I should be leader.... jk don't make me leader I'm about as responsible as a kid in a candy store and no one is watching.
  12. See this is where server bias comes in though, I never once thought of Rushu as symbolic of the international community, if anything when I thought of Rushu I thought of it as the place with the over inflated egos. If Ankama was going to choose a name from the old servers they would of chosen Rosal since Quality over Quantity is what really matters. But regardless I have about as much attachment to the name of the server I play as I do to dofus itself, I quit after they nerfed cras and I'm only on imps because I have finals I should be studying for :D.
  13. While I think Ankama missed an easy opportunity to make up some random name for the new server and then release a whole new set of content and lore that made that name important in the context of the game. Leaving the name as Rushu simply would of annoyed the 60% of people on the server(I just based this number on the above comment) that were not from Rushu and therefore it makes sense that they had to change the name and at least they let everyone vote on the new name, regardless of how insignificant all the names were as far the the game lore goes. That being said as the other bob said, it's just a name and has no impact on game play at all soooooo who really cares? I think that name mainly won because Echo the npc looked the most impressive imo and actually had at least some lore behind the name compared to all the other choices. Overall Echo is pretty insignificant though.
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