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  1. Jaelia

    Post your goals and achievements

    Always wanted to do this, and only five years too late to be at all impressive.
  2. Jaelia

    Wakfu Sand Drops

    Only the monsters in the lowest level, the Submerged Relics, drop the sand.
  3. Jaelia


    Same here, but it's fixed now.
  4. Jaelia

    Random Screenshots

    Five turns from one fight: Should have named the new server Dot.
  5. Jaelia

    The official newbie question thread!

    I knew I was forgetting something, thanks.
  6. Jaelia

    The official newbie question thread!

    Is there a reason people don't use the Boble/Hulhu idol combination for Kralove 300? Neither's forbidden and it seems like it would be free if you're doing blitz.
  7. Last chance to get an unlinked ochre before 2.42, so we'll be trying to open kralove on Sunday the 18th at 19:00 DST. Be there or be square for four months.
  8. I'm looking for anyone who wants to trade all the archmonster souls required for ochre (you) for an ochre + 5mk (me). /w Jaelia (*heikedi) if you're interested or have any questions, thanks.
  9. Jaelia

    ogrine exchange glitch

    One way this can happen and not be a bug is if you have chars from different communities - each community has its own ogrines market. If they're both from the same community, I have no idea.
  10. Jaelia

    Taking Orders Rat Quest Fight

    Full str, guten tak bow, liberal use of boar. That's all I remember from when I did the fight with my osa.
  11. Jaelia

    Eca dimension soon

    Just to clarify, in the video he says he overheard another player saying that he had heard tot talking about raising the level cap. So, grain of salt.
  12. Jaelia

    Almanax Awesomeness

    This one fight lets me die twice in vortex guilt-free.
  13. Jaelia

    Post Your Awesome XP

    I wish I'd known Natural Defence just kills you randomly with -vit idols.
  14. Jaelia

    How to obtain Anatak's Scalp

    Won't be ingame until a later update. (Source)
  15. Jaelia

    Post your goals and achievements

    The best part is, during even turns I can go get a snack or grab a quick nap. Also this is probably a sign I should go outside or something.

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