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  1. Opened. Big thanks to Rainy and Sweetkraz who helped fill the low-level rooms, and the people who showed up for the 200 room.
  2. 101-150 room is full and ready to go whenever. If someone's interested in filling one of the other low rooms, let me know and I can hook you up with backpacks and pod fillers (although those are pretty easy to get).
  3. Unless someone already has chars for it, I'll work on filling the 101-150 room this weekend.
  4. Hearts are done. I don't have any connections left in-game, so I have no idea if an opening is being planned. I'm up to help open if anyone's interested.
  5. Looks like it's bugged, they'll try to fix it 'as soon as possible':
  6. No bug involved. Panda tanks mobs while carrying the other character. Since you're next to mobs, the carried char can hit without triggering yoshes. The solo screens are from quitting out with panda before the end of the fight to keep the savepoint. This video explains it well if you speak French:
  7. I know breeding is over now, but just in case: I'm selling all four underground paddocks (15, 12, 9, and 6 slots) at [-73,-41] and [-73,-43] in Frigost Village for 60m per map obo. I'm not online too much anymore, so ankabox or PM here is the best way to reach me. Thanks. EDIT: Sold for 60m and 55m respectively.
  8. Always wanted to do this, and only five years too late to be at all impressive.
  9. Only the monsters in the lowest level, the Submerged Relics, drop the sand.
  10. Jaelia


    Same here, but it's fixed now.
  11. Five turns from one fight: Should have named the new server Dot.
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