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    Was nerdy before nerdy was cool
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    In a blackhole

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    Odahviing, Viinturuth, Salohknir & Sahrotaar
  1. come on IRC sometime... or give me your skype/MSN :p

    1. kawarimi


      I can't seem to find the thread with IRC details .-.

    2. ebob


      irc.rizon.net #impsvillage

  2. kawarimi

    Post your rare drops!

    Fresh from the press: My second. I dropped 3 weeks before with Odahviing. Might have the screenshot around somewhere.
  3. kawarimi

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    I don't see any problem in that :D
  4. kawarimi

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    Make an account on remmington and we can have some fun you silly osa :3
  5. kawarimi

    IV-ers in the Wakfu World

    Jerryboy, i think your definition of hardcore might be a little off :P
  6. kawarimi

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    My humble guts: My most expensive equip is probably my golden cloak. I'm in the process of grinding a zeorus blade.
  7. kawarimi

    Back from afk

    As i remember you ! Mexiah the Sexiah!
  8. kawarimi

    Back from afk

    That's going to be tough. I don't play dofus anymore but wakfu :P How is my old man Reflection doing ?
  9. kawarimi

    Back from afk

    I doubt many people will remember me but i guess i'm back. I spend my time playing wakfu lately and i can mostly be found on the remmington server. Hi all :).
  10. kawarimi

    dofus vs wakfu

    Best bread in the game is Breadala. 3 Rye grain 3 Oats Oats with decent weather has a 100% chance to plant. Rye grains only have to be gathered and can be done easily in a decent sized havenbag. ----- Wakfu beats dofus anytime for me. It has much more freedom for me and gives me way more of an open world feel. The last addition of haven worlds also keep me busy. It also helps that wakfu graphics are somewhat up to date and doesn't give me a nice 2004 feeling. If anyone else is playing on the Remmington server and needs help starting out, my IGN's are: Odahviing Viinturuth Salohknir Sahrotaar
  11. kawarimi

    [Dathura] Elysium | The Band of Heroes

    Well, would love to do something with one of you remmington guys sometime then :D
  12. kawarimi

    [Dathura] Elysium | The Band of Heroes

    So you guys are the only representatives of IV ? I'm more of an Ex Imps member now returning and trying to see if there's any life in these forums :P.
  13. kawarimi

    [Dathura] Elysium | The Band of Heroes

    Why aren't you guys on remington ! We need awesome players on remington too ;-;