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  1. Fhiona


    Hi ppl :D Anyone know if is possible to repeat the almanax quest on the same character? After taked the dolmanax, the day quests still workin', but can't the main quest again! I don't need one more dofus, I'm just curious :D
  2. ... no one help me on that one T_T I have an int / cha XELOR with hig wis, 'cause full 101 scrolled and put all point in wis. Actually I'm almost lvl 185 and need some help with a good set INT / CHA, 10/5 with no exo / no ochre and if it's possible no AP throphy. Few week ago, I'd post on official thread 2 times, but no one answer, maybe Xelors are not popular atm in the world of twelve... I apologize about this "trick" and tnx in advice ;)
  3. Yeah it's very easy way to ask to someone, but it's incredible stupid thing... I think it's easier to developer put a NPC seller for Home Potions down the ropeway to go up in Imps village. Isn'it?
  4. As title says... ok I know it is a nooooooooooob question, but I don't think the only place for buyng it can be a village owned by an alliance. I don't like PVP, then I can't craft a Guild House potions? Or I can buy a 100 kamas potion only in a sellroom for about 1000% of real price? (999 kamas each in sellroom). I'm the only one that consider that an incredible constriction?
  5. Class: XELOR Build: INT / CHA or INT / CHA / WIS Kamas/time available: actually 40mk - Just a couple of hours per day :D Current team: SOLO or as my signature say ;) Lvl range: 182 for now, but I'm grownin' Extra comments: Hit hard, 9AP or more (no Ochre) 5mp if possible... Range no less then 4 PvP or PvM oriented Strict PVM Obiously I hate Gelano and my lvl it's just 182 for now, but I would like a build to reach lvl 200, then if you have mind of recommend an equipment around lvl 190 or more I'll appreciate! Actually full scrolled, and put all point in wis to AP rape. Good wis will be goos as well!
  6. And very low wis... Just MP and no AP bonus then gelano to have 9... I think till Nomarrow the Int build will be good aswell ;)
  7. I just take a look to equipments for a Int/agi build. There's no many choice for AP or MP sets, just Tengu and maybe Guten Tak with bow... It's only to me? Or someone of u can recommend a good equip between lvl 130 > 180 (the most "long" levels to me, compared with 199 > 200..)
  8. I've actually a Str Iop an the same account of Enu, lvl 185 for now ;) Ty very much for you suggestions! LOL TOO MUCH Ty all very very much for your time and suggestions! I need you help for little bit more: I'll create a new Pandawa in this world of twelves and to start she will build with fire and air :D Suggestion about spell levelling?
  9. Thank u :D what u think about Int/agi? Good hybrid, good equips? Or better to go on Str/agi then?
  10. I'll have x 3 exp untill lvl 186 on both account, and I think it will be great motivation to improve a new char :D Now I assume to start a new Panda, if full Agi or Agi/Str, I'll decide later. For now I need to decide if I prefere to keep an Str damage dealer / Enu for drops in Hard Dungeons or a Agi/Cha Sacrier as Tank / very good APrape Xelor (around 850 wis with worst equipment ever!). I hope my dubt was clear, but I don't think so...
  11. Oh... I don't really know what my team can do, I like to run dopple every day with all characters, or just levelling a little profession (I have tons of it) and don't play a lot, just a couple of hours per day. Sometimes just Almanax (I have around 280 pages on each one!). I'd nevere try to run or exp, never run Incarnam Dungeon, just last week to reach a 1000 arch point. Last time I'd exp was before the archievement system, in Zoth Village with old PvP system (Bonta/Brak village conquest) or Ghost in Nolifs... lot of time ago, but now I will try to run again, just for farmin archievement point aswell. I think for now just need a little "encouragement" 'cause can be frustrating play just an hour and die die die die die. I'm tryn to understand if I can do something different than Peki every day or stuff like this... maybe u can say "just try then!". Ok right, but I'm curious and do want waste my 1hour of play of today ;) About panda: I imagine the best build in my team can be the Agility one right?
  12. Ok, on which account to you I can start to build a Panda? on the Sram / Cra one? Or maybe on the Enu / Iop one? 'Caouse I use as Damage dealer the Iop as well, isn't it? And in my case, wich build for panda?
  13. Hi all, in those days I just asking to myself what kind of stuff can do ingame, when u boring to lvlin' characters or profession, sometimes archivement is funny, sometimes no. What you think about my team of 4, in relation to main "hard core" dungeons, because from quitting old guild cannot try to break no more Bworker or Frigost Dung like Obsidemon, Celestial or stuff like that... There's some dung impossible to me, 'cause I never being alone there, like SO or Fungus and similar by difficult grade... I just want know if I can do it or maybe if it's just a waste of time... Actually I just ran through Dreggons Dung, Skeunk, Peli and other lvl 6 (as wiki says...) dungeons, and never try the 7 grade. I have Lumino + 3 free sidekick an all character, and the other one (Shadow, Belzebug and Skale) only on my highest char if someone find it useful to know! Thank you in advice for your time. Obviously my team in in sign as u can see :rolleyes:
  14. What about wis Xelor? no one remember damage reflection with counter with no damage suffer? I have a str Sram and with old PvP system my crit Lethal Attack (around 1500 hit) does 5 dmg to Xelor and 900 to me :D I can't remember year, but I remember befor otomai ;)
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