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  1. back for now :D

    hehe thanks ^^ it's nice to be back. and nice to see you cooper :D (I forgot your real name again x.x) wanna say John? :D even though that doesn't sound right x.x
  2. back for now :D

    For those who haven't noticed I came back around a month ago after a who knows how long hiatus. Lots of free time plus frig 3 plus new gear has motivated me, at least until i get my char upgraded :3
  3. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    hey can you put me on the maybe list, going through a depression phase in dofus and have been busy with work and other activities :D hope all is going well for everyone have a good day/time and goodluck to rushu this year in goult :)
  4. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    darth why you no love us? D:
  5. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    that was super quick xD glad to see you'll be participating though :)
  6. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    last year we were limited to rank 6 shields and lower hero, and yea practice will be key, last year only a few teams practiced before the tournament i.e. crit fail and blank and even after teams were selected very few people logged on to practice before they were supposed to fight.
  7. scammin french guy

    oh sorry about the mix up of names, but yea the eni is indeed Leo now.
  8. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    has anyone heard from eib? don't know if he would be interested, but he had a very nice rogue that should have went last year
  9. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    Well thanks for clarifying always thought they were you x) and you know i never leeched wings i'm a solo accounter lol and it took me ages to get rank 10 with you and every other eni, xel, sac, and osa chasing after me at that time x.x
  10. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    i never leeched my wings :P got rank 10 legitimately. and aren't simbad and maaya the same person? i was pretty sure for a time only one person was logging simbad elkarim and super. If i'm wrong then sorry :s
  11. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    all i've seen esam do is leech wings, while yea he has the gear to go i doubt he has the experience needed to compete. as for simbads rogue i can't comment on that (never seen it).
  12. Goultarminator 2012 Planning

    hey all i'll attend if i can get sponsored like last year, i'm sure my guild would help me with most stuff i would need would be nice to go again to play with rushu's best, as for inuit "he" is a she lol unless she's been lying to me for all these years x.x
  13. scammin french guy

    il-mustafah* whatever is under the name leo now for those still concerned his in pression (not much of a surprise) still being a dumbass trying to scam people. there fixed!
  14. Kwismas Island Quests

    also to clarify the timing for the chestnut quest and killing oogie betty only vary because you can only beat them once a day. for me it just happens to be 12 am when i can beat them again x.x