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  1. Man, so gorg

    1. Amy-wabbit


      Oh man just saw this lol! Thanks!!

  2. Kind of back? Need Osa guidance since it's been about two years.  


  3. You should come back and play with me again :<

  4. DustStorm, where is my bitch?!

    Brownie! <3
  5. Show off your new colours

    My super cute alts! ^-^
  6. Dofus has become so boring! :<

  7. Closed.

    Bump. ^-^
  8. Closed.

    Hahah I think that will lower my chances of him selling me one! xD
  9. Closed.

    I think a better deal would be if you paid for me and my alts~ Hahah c: Anyway topic is closed! ^-^ Turq has been sold. :3
  10. Closed.

    Bumppp~ No one wants to buy this Turq ;~;..
  11. Closed.

    Closed. :)
  12. Closed.

    No! That would look ugly! o_O
  13. Closed.

    I think my signature taking up his whole screen is just about good enough. c:
  14. Show off your new colours

    Once I saw this new set I thought I'd mimi it because it's super cute and also change my colors. ^-^ I was getting bored of the old ones! ~_~
  15. Closed.

    I wish! I have more but I think 4 is enough. c: You can only have 5 pictures in your signature anyway~ :< Good. >:3