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  1. Hey guys, I started again a little while ago, and i want some feedback on my team. It's still Low level so i can correct things if it's horrible. Im using right now: Xel Sacrier Panda Rogue Cra The idea is to have a lot of map control in mid range and to keep mobs at range while pulling them in and blitzing them one by one. Questions: do i have enough survivability? What elements to give them in the range of lvl 60-150? Any other remarks why this composition sucks? What to add it remove? I know most People play either very short range or very long range when i left, so i wonder if this works as well... I know in pvm everything works, but i don't want to have too much of a hard time.
  2. http://tofus.fr/donjons/temple-de-koutoulou.php http://tofus.fr/donjons/vaisseau-du-capitaine-meno.php http://tofus.fr/donjons/palais-de-dantinea.php
  3. Looks all interesting, but this doesn't guarantee that they will be more useful. Less summons and more spells looks interesting, as is the fusing and taking control over the summons. I think Ankama will do a good job (or they are at least on a good path) now lets hope they don't make them OP as fuck and nerf them after everyone and their mother class changed into osa
  4. The cache is indeed a very big factor. Frenchies relog all their chars after every dungeon run, so every hour or so. That should help a lot. I don't think there is any way to prevent performance drop on 8 accounts after a while...
  5. I won't make the comment about getting a mouse then B-) Seriously, if all above posts don't work, go to a shop, it's their job to fix this...
  6. Does this mean that tired mounts train faster, or their balance bar changes faster? Just curious, i always just put mounts in their paddocks for 24 hours :D
  7. Yes I'm not used to the prices anymore, I've noticed that exo prices dropped a lot, and so does ochre (even though I don't need that much arches anymore to just finish EH), I guess it's a decent set that is possible to get in the not-so-long term. I'll start off with leth cape and bearb hat and switch to militia pieces later :) Thanx for changing my mind
  8. I should have specified that i don't have ochre or exo's atm, so while your set is a good one to aim for in the longer term (I think I'll work towards that set in fact), I'd rather have something as well that I can use rather fast as well.
  9. Hey guys, I'm planning to start playing again with my panda, for which I'd like to find a set I can use immediately, and one more long-term. Level: 200 build: open to any suggestion PvM requirements: idea is support and some damage, so I think important stats are dodge, %res+vit, range, and damage. Correct me if wrong. I believe 11/6 is the way to go as well set 1: use only <200 items, or 200 items that are widely available and easy to get (i'm on solar, so that's not much more than treadfast set lol, so no whale-items here) what i came up with myself: http://dofp.la/CT5Ya/ set 2: All items from places I should be able to go with set 1, so whale items, dimensions I hope as well, maybe not the really new stuff yet from 2.35 or eca dimension. my idea so far: http://dofp.la/hSVE8/or http://dofp.la/p4RTE/ it doesn't matter if the suggestions are not chance or hybrids :) thanx in advance
  10. Can you make the pouch invulnerable for 1 turn with feca? If so, is it ranged or CC damage?
  11. I would prefer to fly around on a Gyarados though :ph34r: B-)
  12. After 80-90 turns, almost 20000 power :D I haven't tried the dungeon, but if you ask me you better get 50% all, high vit and low stats, as the effect of the battle gives you enough power anyway... o, and a stealing weapon lol, in case that isn't obvious
  13. More dodge on captain and this is solved, maybe change the map a little so there is no corner to do this :)
  14. am I the only one that thinks that that agi/cha stealing bow is a bit over the top? Even the stats look decent...
  15. Finally I can start breeding hardcore again, if I read this well
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