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  1. Koffee


    I'm around. Normally just Kolo, not much else to do
  2. Koffee

    General class advice thread!

    Just started playing again but i have started over with a solo enu. A lot has changed and im not sure what element to head towards as i progress. I'll mainly be doing PvP kolo and messing around with achieves/dungeons. I dont really want to be a full mp red bot and want a higher damage build. Any advice would be appreciated ?
  3. Koffee

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Just came back and im looking to gear up a 4th char. Im a bit torn between Xelor and Eca. I would appreciate if you guys would be able to suggest a couple of sets for each. I'm looking at something I can put them into from the old dungeons (Frig 3 & Merkator) so I have a base to start from and then a set I can work towards later with all the new shit. Class: XelorBuild: StrKamas/time available: Everything but VulbisLvl range: 200 Class: EcaBuild: Whatever is good these daysKamas/time available: Everything but VulbisLvl range: 200 Cheers
  4. Koffee

    Random Screenshots

    That's my sister. There's no need to be a cunt here josh
  5. Koffee

    Random Screenshots

    Get off my zaap
  6. Koffee

    Random Screenshots

    Another person with orange and black? :(
  7. Koffee

    Post your goals and achievements

    Gz on your shitty dofus
  8. Koffee

    Rosa-carol (Rushu)

    The way I see it. Me being an idiot has made you all aware, thus saving you all from being scammed. That is the real reason why nobody else has fallen for it. And my heart knows that is worth every bit of kamas
  9. Koffee

    If you had a 200 level sacrier

    Wow, am I not good enough? :angry:
  10. Koffee

    If you had a 200 level sacrier

    I use this for PvM. It's very fun http://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/155728-shwoo/3.html
  11. Koffee


    10/10. I would have traded it. He's a changed man, cant you see?!?!
  12. Koffee

    Rosa-carol (Rushu)

    The memories. It hurts :(
  13. Koffee


    Yeah, we were xping in the morning then the server died after about 3 hours of us being on and active