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  1. So, that comp can make every end dung? had a iop/eni/enu/panda team and really don't wanna make a iop ever again xD
  2. As the title says i quit playing dofus since like 2 years ago 'cause suscription got to like 3 dollars per week, so right now i can afford 4 man team to re-experience dofus from lv 1 to 200 with a smooth rush through end game content. I'm planning on Eni - Panda - Sram - Rogue but have no idea of new reworks, that's why i'm making this topic to get a general guidance of: - Bulds/tactics - Wherte to lvl; And how is a good start to make some kamas, i saw that kwaka's nest items method was nerfed so i'm pretty lost.
  3. im on earth/water panda right now, im happy with that support plays that he can make, im only doubting on xelor, dunno if i should change it for another class or keep it
  4. Soooo, im really hyped with the hero system, got a 6 man team Masq,Sram, Feca,Xelor, Cra and a Panda im having trouble choosing the main element on xelor and panda, the others are pretty much straight, so i need help there Panda is meant to be a map manipulator and the xelor a hybrid between map controller and range dd. Hope you guys can help me out with this, if you think that another class will be better on the team you can help me out with that, i have 0 knowledge of end game dungeons
  5. Off topic of this post xD, mind show your team?
  6. Kinda new in the game, I have a 80's Iop and Eni but got leeched so dont know too much about sets, dungeons, profit methods etc, besides I think I screw-up with the respec point on the eni. So I have a couple questions, one is of the incoming hero system, im planing a 4 men team so I know nothing about the dream team comp, hopefully you can help me with that. And the other is about that 80 characters, Im planing to play casually with them, maybe gather some knowledge or kamas to the new team, but have no idea where to go, any advices will be appreciated. :D
  7. Higher lv item, more runes gives you, like 190 amulet can give you more than 1 ap rune. Btw, i rush bworker djs atm too, I think that the amulet and boots gives extra kamas, isnt?
  8. As the title says, vacations has begin for me so I decided to comeback to Dofus. My community ( Hispania ) has a lot of troubles on the payment methods and ridiculous prices ( around 7dlls/ 1 month), so I dont have any choices but to buy ogrines. My method to make kamas was kwakwa spamming, is still viable? or any recommendations of another methods? I have a 4 man team: Iop, eni, enu, and a panda, so i think that i can cover up almost every dungeon, except for the F3 Cheers :D
  9. Class: Iop/Enu/Eni/Panda ( All 199 ) Kamas: No problem Goal: Best setup to start farming f3 dungeons and dimension mats - All of them have turq and emerald dofus, only ochre on Iop, working on the others Cheers.
  10. Better synergy than feca on my team?. I'm not that interested on rush or 10 mins runson bosses, just secure the fight
  11. What I have: 199 Iop 199 Enu 199 Eni 199 Pand What I Want: I'm able to do any F2 or less dungs easily, even Miss. But other epic bosses ( Nidas, Count, Nilleza etc..) I'm having problems... I'm on Feca or Masq, any advice? eventually I'll do both, but too lazy to spam buck and leech 2 alts Cheers.
  12. All the feca's builds are balanced, 'cause now the shield depends on lv. Here's a quickly description of the builds, hope can help you: Int.- Gylphs, heals and a decent dmgs, mid combat. Str.- Close/mid combat damage delear, backlash steals 100 str ( I think so xD ) per hit, you can use it 2 in 1 target. Cha.- Mid/close combat DD, this build also have a spell that steals 100 cha per atack, and have a range atack, plus the pp and wis.
  13. I'm looking for the best heals set for my 165 eni, currently usin SO + xyo wand and major trophies on plum/eme mount, that gives like 70 heals. There's a better setup?. No worries about kamas
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