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  1. I will just give up...i spent years to level it on lvl 200 xD
  2. Echo server...its just hard to start playing again
  3. same situation as here...not worth it.igra je mrtva
  4. I just got bored and...nostalgia Since i gave all kamas to charities but still got lvl 200 account what should i do? i am downloading it anyone could guide me please
  5. It was fun.Its not anymore.Or maybe i'm just too old.Not sure.Even this,Imps account here is like 10 years old.Its time to move on.But first...
  6. Come back after a break and...wtf is this game? oO How many players play this game actually? Is it actually worth?
  7. After all these years...I'll be 1% from 200.Yay.
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