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  1. Was going through an old youtube account and found a video I made about dofus lol I forgot how stacked my panda was lol. Still never beat BBN on any of his toons in pvp though .___. I think i ended up going str/agi and going sunshade after this video too. I've been thinking about playing League again, one of my favorite streamers (Neace) returned to the game not that long ago and seems to be having fun. I get like 3-4 hours of free time these days though, it's tough thinking about devoting that time and only getting in like 3 games or something though haha.
  2. I was nostalgiang pretty hard last night and reading old ass posts. And eventually got to my first post in this thread. In 2013. Where the fuck did the years ago.
  3. Doubelift is playing this weekend. I saw some people saying that's a bad thing... but that's not exactly unique I've seen pros in other sports like football and basketball still attend games after tragedy. Everyone mourns in their own way and getting up on that stage can be cathartic and helpful. Especially if his dad is doing well. I can especially imagine a scenario where his little brother and dad ask him to go to the game and try his best for his mom etc.
  4. I did have insurance thankfully lol. Anyway just woke up and read about what happened to Doublelifts parents. What a fucking nightmare. His older brother flipped out and stabbed his mom to death and nearly killed his dad as well. Can't imagine what he's going through. He spent 10 years estranged from his parents after running away. IIRC a few years ago he started rebuilding a relationship with them only for this to happen? What a tragedy.
  5. I unintentionally landed on the board like this lol It kicked out from under me and I fell backwards, so I extended my arms back to catch myself and there was a small step just tall enough for my fingers to touch the ground while my palm was on the edge of it right behind me. Not really sure how to explain it better but just imagine all your weight and momentum being distributed across a few fingers and then your palm at two different angles at the same time lol.
  6. It starts off as a tingle and not long after turns into a bullshit tier ache lol. My hand pain comes from a mix of being stuck on a computer all day , all those years of grinding League and Dofus (farming them wheat fields in old school dofus yeeeesh) and like 2 years ago I basically destroyed my hand skateboarding lol. I broke a few fingers, my wrist and and the metacarpals that were on the same fingers that were broken, basically the bones between my knuckles and wrist. Doc told me he was amazed I didn't break my forearm along with it lol. As far as pros go I honestly have no clue. I know I've seen Hai and Bjerg rock the wrist tape and hand tape in the past but aside from that no idea.
  7. Getting old sucks. I had hoped I could maybe work through the pain in my hand and get used to it by just playing a ton of games. Since I came back I legit played something like 60 games in support only to sort try and ease myself into it through a role that doesn't require as much clicks and while it hurt it seemed like things were getting better over the course of those games. Last night I played 2 games in top lane and like 6 minutes into the first one I was down a ton of CS and my hand and wrist were dying. It's pretty disheartening tbh. I'm not even really sure I should even keep trying without talking to my doctor first lol.
  8. I last played on LAN since there were free transfers and a friend said it was freelo (it wasn't tho :<, who knew not being able to communicate sucks ) lol. I still have that NA account that I bought for the bronze to Gold thing I did in this thread a few years back thouh, I think the ping should be better to NA than LAN for you guys. The account should be named Deathlysushi, though if yall want to level up low level accounts I I also have a level 10-ish account laying around which should be named Tanuuki. Though since I'm pretty sure I'm the only NA player here I wouldn't mind dealing with the ping so yall dont have to make accounts and stuff lol
  9. I wonder what my ping to EUW would be these days. Last time I made an account there to spectate Somm I played a bot game as graves with 200ping and it was... really rough haha. Also new Irelia looks ridiculous lol
  10. I'm cautiously optimistic regarding the Irelia rework, she was one of my favorite champions so it's a hard pill to swallow. Though from what I understand ICU was flown into Riot HQ and got test her out and help out with tweaks. He's an incredible Irelia player for like 4 years now so if he was cool with it I'm sure I can be too lol. Yeah for not playing in awhile Silver 3 is really good , gj :). I know basically none of us take the game seriously anymore but if any of you still want some help progressing I'm still always down to check out your gameplay and see if any improvements can be made. Even though I haven't played in forever I'm sure many of the fundamental concepts are still the same lol.
  11. Ooof man I'm sorry to hear that. I hope that surgery goes well for you. @Somm I actually tried using one at work haha, I couldn't adapt though :< ,
  12. I was thinking of playing it again but my hand injury a few years ago ended making my hand ache pretty bad after using a mouse for a while. Feels bad =/ Alot of the new champions and reworks actually seem pretty interesting as do some of the new runes.
  13. Anyone still alive? It seems like Dynamic Queue and Overwatch really murdered this thread lol.
  14. To be fair it's the start of the expac and Raid Relevant gathering professions in uncharted territory will always make a premium. I for instance deposited about old goldcap worth of Leystone and Felslate to my Guilds bank for Prospecting (Gotta get the Raiders them Gems son). I then sold about 500k worth of Felslate literally just mining 2 small caves and using Serverhop to reset the nodes lol . Both of which were done in under 10 hours. That was week 1. This week the same felslate that was selling for 100g each low ball, is now selling 50g each at the higher end to give perspective. Another factor regarding the economy is that we are coming off of a Garrison bloated economy. I for one was printing money in my garrison on 7 alts literally just playing facebook games (Follower Missions). When I wasn't doing that I was doing the Primal Shuffle to circumvent daily cooldowns on crafts to mass produce Hexweave Essence and other similar item upgrades and selling them for a profit in bulk daily. Mind you each one sold for 10-25k dependent on which stage it was (Greater etc.) And I wasn't a lone in doing this. These were all accepted simple, cookie cutter money making methods in Warlords of Draenor. If you didn't get out of WoD with atleast 1 gold cap you were doing it wrong. Like really really really wrong. Then theres the stuff Excudo mentioned like running Heroic 25 man Cata Raids every week. Back then they were worth 7-8k for doing all of them weekly per toon (they got nerfed to 5k in Legion). I did those every week on all of my capped toons (10 at the time,I just had garrison set up for only 7 due to diminishing returns on Missions). So that was an extra 70-80k a week for literally walking to a dungeon and 1 shotting everything. This is all before we even get into the subject of playing the Auction House, Selling Heroic/Mythic Raid runs (mounts, gear etc.). So long story short everyone is and should be rich af right now. Roki. As Excudo pointing out if you get to level cap It's really not that hard to make money. WoW sort of just throws it at you. Depending on how you want to experience the game you can actually get to 85-90 in about 14-16 hours of grinding if you have a friends and Heirlooms. I can post my dungeon list for where to go to get power leveled. If you never have played a toon from 1-110 though I honestly suggest you give it a shot. It is actually pretty fun and it doesn't take that long (like 2-3 days tops if you are really into it). There is also the Refer a Friend option which will give you bonus experience and other rewards if you want to expedite the process with a friend etc.
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