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  1. Hello , Im looking to buy a Glacial Ring and Cape for a fair price. U can pm me in game Unniverzal or leave a msg here. Thanks
  2. Hello. I am selling Perfect Soul Stone for Gigantic Souls x10 = 330kk. I am selling in bulk of tens. Pm in game : Unniverzal.
  3. Got these if you are still buying Arachma the Greek Tanukhiraru the Gifted
  4. Hey I would like some help with these char Cra lvl 189 its pure str atm , I'd like a new set str/int maybe cuz i lack AoE in my team but if there could be any other good set str/another build I'd like to read about it. Panda 186 chan/agi atm , not sure about this guy should I upgrade the items and stay chan/agi or maybe turn pure chance but Im totally making those new items from G&G Quartzotic set. So I'd like to read your ideas about his too.
  5. Buying Wind Bwak Eggs 15kk ea :) PM: Unniverzal or Trumoil
  6. Hey. Im buying Cawwot Dofus 40+.Since i dont know prices very well planning to spend about 1 mk for one , but no more. Thanks.
  7. I will need 3k kwak claws and 1 k ice kwak feather. Pm me the price for all that here please. Thank you. Unniverzal
  8. Got Croccyx the Bummer Pm Unniverzal / Trumoil
  9. come on and lets do buck

  10. 5mk? I dont think someone would like an ap solomonk w/o vit.
  11. So they can arrest anyone outside USA who does piracy ( with no copyrights) ? If that's true bb Thepiratebay.com , most of youtube videos ? (cant think of anything else)
  12. I PMed you here , so check it and get back to me.
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