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  1. If they go out and make mint-chocolate smarties then I'll consider them, until then they might as well be generic store-brand M&Ms -_- Surprised all ya damn chicken nugget lovers aren't voting for them though.
  2. Nuggets are for kids' meals. 36 people need to grow up.
  3. Architect: (INTJ-T) 99% introverted. Sounds about right.
  4. It lasts until Timeshaper leaves, hahaha...ha...-.-
  5. There was that one square in the Dopple prism room that invisible people could run behind at a certain angle to make people unable to click on them. I swapped the invis sprite out for a kralove tentacle once or twice for a bit when it started to get on my nerves. It's possible that I got reported, since I remember someone bitching that I shouldn't have been able to attack them there. I didn't keep the files switched for more than a few minutes, once or twice, so I'm not sure if it was somehow detected. I also had the Cra sprite swapped out for the Nomekop Wodly one for a few weeks, along with some spells switched to random things. Posted a guide on the spell switching here. So maybe they tied back my forum account to my Dofus one, which would be kind of weird.
  6. I still have my old warning from 2007 when I was swapping out character sprites for fun...
  7. They have the character creator up for download now. Final beta is on February 18th too. *I made an alien:
  8. I found Tera's combat to be really similar to the WoW-style games. I think Vindictus has kind of broken combat in most MMOs for me...Was really hoping that Black Desert would be similar when I first saw it.
  9. I've had my eye on it since the character creation vids started popping up last year. Friend's pre-ordering and giving me one of his guest passes, but the combat seems like it might be a turn-off for me from what I've heard.
  10. I got a hat from my mom. Started running this year and the cold weather's been making my ears go numb and start hurting mid-run lately. Very grateful for it. My boss gave me a $20 Amazon gift card, department boss gave me a $20 Dunkin Donuts gift card, and company gave me (and everyone) a $100 gift card. Feel kinda guilty about not getting the first two anything in return, but I guess it's a boss thing according to my coworkers. Sucks that Amazon's Winter game deals haven't been great this year. I also got myself a PS4, with Bloodborne, Destiny, Until Dawn, InFamous, Killzone, and Uncharted 1-3. I am very thankful to myself and hope I continue to provide excellent gifts in the future.
  11. I really don't like that Steam doesn't have daily deals and flash sales anymore. We could be getting about 10% more off most of the major titles if they hadn't changed the system. I can't see the Winter sale being much better either, unless they have some kind of amazing event like the coal drops in 2011.
  12. Spotify's weekly suggested playlist has some nice stuff sometimes
  13. Another year, another new character announced. So far there's just a teaser image up, no name or details. Most likely a male mage, should be interesting to see what his attacks are like. And here is all of the current info about Season 3. It should be coming out some time this month. If you register here before Season 3 comes out then you get a package with a buncha free stuff when it's released.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWGInZL-nrY
  15. T43

    New game

    Here is a nice guide for completely overhauling Skyrim, with suggest mod setups and everything, if you have a few hours to kill. It can end up looking like this:
  16. Fairy Tail's soundtrack is freaking awesome.
  17. T43


    I still have my fancy-ass headband from buying a founder's package way back when. I played it a lot, but the game lost me when they changed up the mod system and all my stuff was suddenly complete shit. I get that they needed an overhaul, but I was just too lazy to start all over again,
  18. Metro 2033 is free now (Until November 8th at noonish)
  19. Ooh yea, should probably mention that there's also a free weekend going on for multiple games, including Payday 2: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/free_weekend_weekend
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