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  1. Rooks' doodles

    Does your service still exist?? Your work is incredible <3
  2. Rushu's Top Leeching Service!

    Messaged you! :)
  3. 508 Score Cra Builds

  4. 508 Score Cra Builds

    Hello IV! I'm finishing up my team of 4 Cras for 508 score leeching and I was curious as to what build/equips people run for these. Are they all intelligence or do people branch off? I have some gear ideas, I just want to hear some more opinions. Thanks, everyone! :)
  5. The "What gear should I use" thread

    What are the stats looking like with that gear?
  6. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Cra Build: Intelligence Kamas/time available: around 100mk, already have all dofus minus Vulbis. Current team: Solo Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: I'm curious what is the standard set used for those individuals that run a team of Cras for 508 idol score souls/mobs. My end goal is to have all 4 of my Cras to 200, but only 2/4 are there so far. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM
  7. [Eratz] Fight Night

    Sounds good! I'll be traveling today and tomorrow back home so I won't be on, but Sunday through Tuesday I'll be grinding.
  8. Interested In Starting Fresh

    Will they open new servers when they release international? I currently don't have a tablet, but I'd consider getting one depending on how well this Touch is. How do you enjoy the interface?? Also what kind of tablet do you have?
  9. I'm back! Need help :).

    I've not played a Rogue before, but I've seen them do some incredible things. Personally, I'd go with a Sram. They incredible solo artists and there's a certain level of tactics that come with them as well!
  10. need help with making kamas

    ^ Farming idol/trophy mats is probably your best bet mate. How has your income been from farming though? Sustainable enough for sub?
  11. [Eratz] Fight Night

    Hello! First off, I've begun this thread simply so our guild has it's own forum thread for ease of access and we don't have to communicate via another forum. Secondly, most of you know me as Squad [Graceful, Intellect, Fortitude], currently SIC in the guild 'Fight Night'. I've come to you all with some news! I've been able to recover my old IV account [hence the once I'm using now] and I've also ran into some issues in game. I wouldn't go as far as issues necessarily, but maybe a realization. That realization is that I'm spending way too much time unfocused in this game when I do play so I've come up with a solution. This might sound very over the top, but my OCD is an ass kicker. My solution is this; I'm going to essentially recreate myself on this server and run 1 solo account [possibly a second much further down the road when I have more time]. You may be asking yourself why would he do that, he already has plenty of characters he can solo that are already established. I'm battling an inner demon that is OCD and it's forcing my hand... xD My new main will be known as 'Amusement' [another Cra]. I've already created this new dofus login/character, but I'm going to use the rest of my toon's membership to set my things straight i.e. gather plenty of souls for quick leveling back to where I am, transfer items, gather profession mats, etc. So for the time being [next 18 days or so] I'll be running my original three. Just wanted to keep you guys updated on the happenings in my Dofus life and the changes to come! Much love, ~ Amusement
  12. Interested In Starting Fresh

    I was sitting here reading through some guides and forgot all about sidekicks lol... I think I'm actually going to run a single account due to the fact that I can solely focus on that toon and can more casually play then hard core game. Any fun solo classes??
  13. Interested In Starting Fresh

    If all the old level gear is going to become droppable again I may just hold off until the update goes live. That'll make those early levels muchhh easier in my opinion. I'll still have my old team's professions so as for crafting/gathering, I'm not worried about it (can't be asked to get professions up again). With that, what team of four do you guys think would be fun to run? Please include class/build breakdowns :))
  14. Interested In Starting Fresh

    I appreciate your fast responses! I was going to just run my main again and attempt to do completionist things (mainly achievements/quests), but I'm starting from ground zero in regards to kamas/equips. Figured it would not only be easier to just start fresh when gear isn't necessarily all that important, but it's almost easier to obtain. I could be out of my mind, but I feel like a level 200 is going to need some nice gearing... I do like the idea of running just one character, but is that even feasible these days? Are there players in all ranges of levels that I'd be able to run with or is it primarily still end game? Or I could run my 200 Iop/199 Panda/199 Eni/start a baby Enu and just work on gearing them up 1 at a time.
  15. Interested In Starting Fresh

    Hello IV, As the title suggests, I've come accross a newfound interest in this game again and I kind of want to give it another haul. I've maxed characters/professions and done plenty of questing/bossing/dungeons/etc so I wouldn't consider myself a novice to the game. I had an idea that it might be fun to start completely from scratch again with no assistance from my previous accounts (excluding professions for crafts/gathering). With this, I pose a question... If you all started from scratch would you run a team or would you run solo and try to find hunting friends? I have the capability to run/sub 4 accounts I'm just unsure if that would be the smart move starting completely over. Also bare in mind that I would be playing on Rushu, but I'd be open to another server if someone has a better suggestion for new characters. I'm curious as to see what you guys would suggest. Please feel free to leave class/build suggestions as well (wether or not it'd be a single character or a team makeup). I appreciate all of your advice! ~ Amusement