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  1. Hi guys, I've been away from the game since semyools and sufokia were released, never got to do any of that. I have around 50mk, 4 accounts with semi-geared chars with enu, iop, cra, elio, eni, panda, masq at max lvl (never got an ochre or any exos) that allowed me to run and clear frigost 3, also those worm-like monsters on an island with a whale that I just can't remember the name. It was when I tried killing the enurado final dungeon when I got frustrated/bored and drifted to another game. I also used to raise dragoturkeys to sell or get scrolls, had some lvl 100 profs and magus too. I want to play again tho and was wondering what do you guys suggest I should do... dungeons, farm something, get dofus, exos, get an ouginak, etc. I'm not asking for your deepest secrets that make you the best in the game, just some general direction so I can get back in track more easily. Thanks!
  2. 1 wis dropped with the final ra vit u.u
  3. You should report to Ankama and your alliance. Maybe they can help find the person.
  4. Sorry dude, you don't have a point here. Keep going.
  5. You could have farmed triple those mats in that time :D
  6. Breeders on imps are the minority so you just would benefit the competition.
  7. search videos on youtube nidas 2.34 or something, that's all i can help because i havent done it
  8. I'd suggest going mono-element for that level, it's going to be cheaper and just as or actually more effective than going a multi-elemental build. http://dofp.la/odey9/ Not entirely for lvl 100 but it's something to look for since it's easy to lvl up.
  9. Progressing a little bit more, dimensions are next.
  10. Hey I am subbed and I like your videos.
  11. Lol does that mean he uses a bot for scamming or that his account got stolen? Don't understand :unsure:
  12. Me neither, but I'm almost sure it's been asked before =D And btw, AHK = productivity (and less carpal tunnel syndrome).
  13. Song: I recognized it almost instantly XD
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