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  1. Heya guys,just wanted to say that i'll be really busy with work for 1 or 2 months ^^' So I might not post much,and the things i'll be posting are just quick sketches...Currently I have an watercolour work,2 caricatures,1 oil pastel work,a few sketches,a 700 page book,and like 4-7 tests to do :c So yeah....that's a lot xD ;u; That's all I wanted to say really :c
  2. Kayessa

    Kaitah's Art

    Oh my god I love that pandurr o: EDIT: This just reminded me of something
  3. @Pew: >: Stalking my screeeeeeen~ xD @Kai: You're welcome to join us :3 Actually,anyone who has opencanvas and Hamachi can join us xD ( Those who dont have opencanvas ---- the program is so small I can even send it to you. ) Sadly it has a limit of 4 people per host tho :c
  4. Oh wow,that's pretty awesome o: *goes to show it to bro so he'll buy it <w< he'll probably get it since he has the other GW games kekekek* ~~ And yeah I also hope it is as good as it looks when it comes out. >:
  5. 9/10 Because Handz' sig is funneh :3
  6. Was just saying o.o No need to get all like that with me x: Anyways,good job everyone ^^
  7. Kayessa

    Nomie's Art

    Nice to see another Shikan around this section of Imps Village ^^ Your style reminds me a bit of my friend Nawazake's drawing style :3 Loving the perc btw ^^
  8. Kayessa

    Small request

    Oh Laszlo...why would you get such an idea XD And i'd love to help you Handz,however i'm kind of full of requests and comissions to draw D: Until when does your friend need that done?
  9. Ehm,Panny you can't vote on yourself owo;; I don't think that counts....just saying. ^^' EDIT: Just corrected a little grammar error D: Woops...
  10. 9/10 Because that looks pretty cool o:
  11. Kayessa

    Kaitah's Art

    Welcome back,nice to see more stuff from you c: You may not know me,but I stalked your art thread before~ o3o /ninja.
  12. Well the problem is,I screwed up on some parts,such as the ears,on the Slayhound one of them is kinda misplaced,and on eni it just looks weird :c
  13. Already smelled that since the first post anyway -w-; But anyway i'm sure this p2p thing wont stay for long so I dont see whats everyone else complaining about.
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