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  1. I KNOOOOW everytime I read his posts on tumblr about homestuck I just sit here giggling a lot at the screen because...oh my god XD HE'S HOMESTUCK NOW. And he's spreading it to others too!
  2. Have you read??? Dante Basco,the guy who acted as Rufio from that Peter Pan film is reading Homestuck! XD
  3. I do have openCanvas,but I only derp around there when im with others :B Quack Also i'd register on that oekaki board,however im not very active on these kind of things so....no point ^^;
  4. Indeed I can >: I am the almighty ninja penguin,I can do everything. Anyway let's not turn this into an "opinions on the weird video" topic xD
  5. You guys don't understand me and Laszlo bahahah xD
  6. Thanks everyone :D <3 And Handz,the boring bikini thing is kinda a joke between me and him hahah xD :P Laszlo,show him the youtube video!!
  7. Hah xD Also,the Jane & Jake thing... Jane = totally me when talking about things like that on the internet XD I loved it,specially these pannels: Also,
  8. *casually posts gifs everywhere*
  9. WAIT......THAT MEANS.....*le gasp* Hurry Hussie I cant wait to see moreeee D:
  10. Okay guys o: Just leaving here a really cool fan-made theme for the Condesce I found and reblogged on tumblr. :3 Thought you guys would enjoy it~ http://always-procrastinating.tumblr.com/post/17839951440/creamchu-solluxpooping
  11. Fandom : Go crazy because of Dirk's badass pink pyjama. xD
  12. Kayessa

    A Drawing

    My favourite so far <3 I love the way you drew their faces,specially the lips and the face shape -3-
  13. Liiiiies :I I actually like it a lot xD I've never drawn Jade before,I might do so one of these days -3- Usually I only draw trolls.
  14. Exactly you only watched me reading it,you did not read it! >: *throws a duck at you* Even tho it might seem extremely silly or weird,it is actually pretty nice. Sure,6000+ pages may take a while but hey it's worth it =w= Not to mention Homestuck characters are pretty fun to draw for some reason
  15. You haven't even bothered to give it a try,Josh. u.u Anyway,let others enjoy it xD
  16. Kayessa

    A Drawing

    I'd say: Post more! -3-
  17. Awwww yessss :D You did it =w= And nice to see you read it aswell Fosjam ^^ EDIT: Also you guys should get all the music because it's just FGSHJFGHJSDGFHJSDGFJKSFGDFHKASHFAASLB <words cannot describe> o3o
  18. Apple,my love. :I Can I steal your colouring skills? Kthxbai. But what I really love is the way you drew the sram,instead of drawing a real skeleton you did like,a skeleton suit thing...and that's just a cool idea xD I'm also noticing a small improvement on the colouring.
  19. Thanks to moi! >: ...That's probably one of the best dofus related drawings I did anyway =x
  20. Oh....I see 3 of my drawings there xD The masq ones,these ones aren't even good ;u;
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