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  1. nub

    1. Frozthax


      You are a nub, you can;t even make stones!

    2. Kayessa


      It's a stone Laszlo, no one can make stones!!

  2. pablo cigano O:

    1. Kayessa


      lmao nerd, I "sort of" play? atm im not playing because im busy with college, but in June I might play again ( emphasis on "might", at first I was sure I was going to play again but now Im not so sure about it )

      also do you still use skype or? im asking bc I remember at some point you were in a call with me and angela but we didnt really talk ( I think you didnt have a mic ) and you kept making fun of the way I laughed lmao

    2. Kayessa


      oh yeah and you saying I pronounced dofus as "dofush" ( which is so not true >:( )

    3. Pablooo


      ye and joao lol

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  3. Hehe heya Nix uvu im not exactly back, just passing by I guess ( tho ive put a 1 week sub on my eni and sacrier yesterday - idk if I should have done that though, no one is ever online <:I ) ah sorry but yeah ref is reference uvu;; here you gooo ( it probably looks a bit weird but thats because im a bit rusty today...ive been sleeping all day OTL )
  4. Ah wow man it's been a while again, I don't think I'll be coming back to dofus ( maybe....??? even because I'm going to university in october ) ( well okay I will log in once in a while but that'll be pretty rare) but it's still nice to come back here once in a while ( tbh I only remembered this place again because izmar is following me on tumblr and liked a post so I was like oh wait -- going on imps village haha ) I feel like drawing some dofus things so, go ahead and ask? I will only do doodles though perhaps I should post some examples of what I can do nowadays? I've improved since last time so yeah, here you go friends so yeah these are just a few of the many examples ( which you can find in my tumblr but you already know ) but hey dont get too greedy, I wont draw your 4982738942874 characters, only one, alright?
  5. @Ala: Ah yes, thanks uwu And no, the Homestuck stuff are the ones with people with yellow horns* haha ( The rest is all .flow stuff ) uvu *Which are only 4 drawings
  6. Casually deletes all previous art posts Should I even bother posting stuff here, you guys don't really seem to care anymore haha ;v;
  7. I really wasn't expecting that haha ´w` I still like UU tho uwu or should I say... Calliope~
  8. Same but, Hussie is making it seem like that's what it is, noticed how one logs off after talking and then the other logs in? It's weird ´^`;;; I can't wait to see them. uwu
  9. Well by "what do you think of uu and UU" I meant, if you had any theories about them - there's people saying they share a body, or that they are the same troll, etc etc. uvu
  10. Ah yes. uvu My favourite from the new album is "Three's a crowd". Also what do you think of UU and uu?
  11. ...I doubt i'll finish it I'm actually surprised you're still waiting for that /professional procrastinator even because I dont like that drawing at all anymore
  12. There were? My first reaction to that update was WTF but I thought it was actually kind of hilarious xD
  13. That's pretty normal,usually people who attack percs are looking for a group fight and fun.
  14. You fool :0 Hussie is immortal. He can't die. :y
  15. Sim :P And thats exactly what happened lol
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