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  1. oh my god B( teach me your secrets that painting looks excellent so far!! however I see one thing that seems a bit out of place ( in my opinion of course ) ( i'm not sure if you accept construtive criticism but here goes ) : the dragon's bottom jaw seems to be a little bit too much to the front, perhaps it would "make it better" ( or just maybe more anatomically correct? ) if you "pushed" it a little bit to the back? I'm not too good with words so here goes a doodle to explain what I'm trying to say I hope that wasn't confusing ;v; anyway I hope it helps!! and good luck!
  2. Thanks cigano :p also are you coming back or?
  3. Heya, just a small update! I've edited the first post so it has more information about commissions ( well, a tiny bit more... )
  4. As Persona said, I don't really mind if you're in a different server. uvu I can just make a nub character there to receive the payment hehe Thanks kaitah!! It's nice to see you back as well!!
  5. [ Sorry!! I completely lost interest in Dofus again ]
  6. By what I've read and understood of it, it's something about a xelor who created a time machine to use it to explore the past of the World of Twelve. Maybe it's related to 1.29 or maybe it's just some sort of new thing that lets you see the things you did in the past with your characters ( saying this because of that last part "...para así traer a sus aventureros los mejores momentos y hechos que marcaron este divertido y querido juego." = "...to bring adventurers their best moments and achievements that marked this fun and dear game." )
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