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  1. Ah yeah you can do that too, I forgot but then again you mentioned colour codes so yeah o:
  2. I suggest you practise picking the colour you want from the colour wheel yourself, it's a very useful and good thing!! ( It's also always better to use "your own" colours anyway ) But if you don't have the patience for that then what you can do is the following: 1) Get the RGB numbers of the colour 2) Put them here: If anyone else knows a different way feel free to post, this is the only way I know of
  3. Mine is always 2000x2000 or better, 4000x4000 Usually I use 4000x4000 canvases for painting because then it will allow me to make smaller details; also I recommend you draw on 50% or 75% zoom if you're planning on colouring it ( because then it's bigger when you go 100% zoom and will allow to draw smaller things )
  4. Kayessa

    IS NOW F2P

    Odd, maybe it was an error or something
  5. Oh wow, I've liked your drawings ever since I got on imps village ( which was years ago ), glad to see you're back!!
  6. Kayessa

    IS NOW F2P

    I'm on right now! ( on my eca Calyse )
  7. Kayessa

    IS NOW F2P

    Ecaflips are really fun on Wakfu, with the whole tarot cards thing each turn and stuff - sometimes you'll get really unlucky tho ( like me, but hey on the plus side when you get god card turns its amazing )
  8. Kayessa

    IS NOW F2P

    I've been playing Wakfu lately as well, I'm playing an eca named Calyse Feel free to pm in game if you ever need anything `v`
  9. That last one looks incredible, Swookes `v` Hope to see more from you similar to the sacrier you posted ( I'm really impressed by that one and I'd even say that's the best one I've seen from you so far )
  10. Still streaming!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished livestreaming!! ...for tonight hehe ( Livestreamed for 4 hours )
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry took a while to post the link because I had some trouble with Livestream, but it’s all good now uvu
  12. Thank you very much `v` !! I'm glad you like it hehe Btw, I'll be livestreaming soon, I'll post the link for it when I start ( going to work on Hiroe's commission )
  13. Oh dang, I play in Arcadia with 3 other friends :c And my laptop isn't that good either but it still works hehe ( I have to put something under it to lift it a bit tho or else it overheats ) Yeah I noticed that, I guess I'll just post a link here whenever I decide to stream for whoever wants to watch ( I'm guessing it'll be mostly tumblr people but that's alright, I'd get nervous if I had too many people watching anyway, lmao,,, )
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