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  1. Ciao! Welcome to Kay's Art Thread ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ==FOR THE LATEST DRAWINGS CHECK THE LAST PAGE==
  2. Oh wow,thats so awesome xD Your drawings when you were little were so similar to mine! I laughed so much when I saw sonic and knuckles. I used to draw sonic a lot,the only difference between your sonic drawings and mine were that mine were always drawn facing to the left or the right,a bit like egyptian drawings ahah xD My favourite was the room one,you drew it so well D: I suck at perspectives.
  3. Oh my god <3 I love your styleeeee hngggggggg ;-; Here I was just randomly looking at the forums when I suddenly...fell in love with your drawings. ._. fkjsfhskhfskhkfhgkd and you're portuguese too.ololololol olá.
  4. Hello....pedobear D:

  5. Eeeeww suu ou mayer...isnt it Pablo? :D

  6. ;-; No english for you.CiganogordopablonabfishIdontlikeyou! /crai

  7. Obrigado ^^ E parabéns para ti =)

  8. Fazes anos um dia depois de mim ;o

  9. You shall never find me. ;x *is a ninja*

  10. Hai uncle Ian :O

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