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Status Updates posted by Kayessa

  1. nub

    1. Frozthax


      You are a nub, you can;t even make stones!

    2. Kayessa


      It's a stone Laszlo, no one can make stones!!

  2. pablo cigano O:

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    2. Kayessa


      lmao nerd, I "sort of" play? atm im not playing because im busy with college, but in June I might play again ( emphasis on "might", at first I was sure I was going to play again but now Im not so sure about it )

      also do you still use skype or? im asking bc I remember at some point you were in a call with me and angela but we didnt really talk ( I think you didnt have a mic ) and you kept making fun of the way I laughed lmao

    3. Kayessa


      oh yeah and you saying I pronounced dofus as "dofush" ( which is so not true >:( )

    4. Pablooo


      ye and joao lol

  3. Wtf xD nomes feios? stalker é uma pessoa que esta sempre a ver o que os outros estao a fazer lol

  4. Nao fui mal educada o:

  5. Fogo que stalker xD

  6. Wawwww it's Pablol o:

  7. Eu nunca fui catolica o:

  8. Oh vais ter de esperar Yoshi x_x Eu nao estou sempre a desenhar a toda a hora ^^'

  9. Hello....pedobear D:

  10. Eeeeww suu ou mayer...isnt it Pablo? :D

  11. ;-; No english for you.CiganogordopablonabfishIdontlikeyou! /crai

  12. Obrigado ^^ E parabéns para ti =)

  13. Fazes anos um dia depois de mim ;o

  14. You shall never find me. ;x *is a ninja*

  15. Hai uncle Ian :O

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