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  1. Oh dang, well at least the same error won't be repeated next time I suppose u3u
  2. O: ....im gonna smooch her u3u looks great!! One of the arms got kinda messed up on the first one tho, the pose is possible ( I guess ) but something about it is off ( maybe if you made the colours darker on that arm or made the hand and arm smaller it would look better since it would make it clear that it's far from the body )
  3. *whispers sedductively* draw Fenris
  4. u3u Small post just to say I have edited the main post with commission information and updated the commission list
  5. What made your post confusing is that you said you wanted characters photoshopped into it, having them drawn and having them cut from a screenshot and photoshopped in are different things, you have to be specific and clear when asking for art ( or any other thing, really ) to avoid confusion If you are looking for someone to try and imitate the style in the game illustrations you'll probably have better luck if you just go ask the artists theirselves, imitating a style is difficult so I imagine whoever accepts to do it would not ask for just a small amount of money, so might as well just go commission them: Xa's deviantart Tchokun's deviantart ( probably the "dofus styled art" you're asking about ) ( there's more but I'm guessing you're asking people to draw in the style of one of these ) good luck
  6. If he asked for an illustration for his channel then yes, the price would ( or should be ) around $200 ( here, just an information ), if it is just photoshopping his characters into a picture then yes, it's VERY easy and anyone can do it for cheap ( I'm not sure what he's exactly asking for because at first he asks for his characters to be photoshopped into it and then after he says "dofus styled art" )
  7. Oh it's fine u3u I've started playing Dragon Age Origins very recently so I don't know any of these D: I absolutely love Fenris tho B) Maybe I'll draw Fenris for the collab
  8. strange, was pretty sure I had replied to this D: maybe my internet got dumb and didn't post anyway, sweet B) got any favourite character? Also I just played the deer game for at least an hour moments ago hehe
  9. Oh yay! (\´w`/) Well I suppose we could also do it this way: I draw something one of these days and whenever I go home again or whenever I find a scanner I'll send it to you or something, personally I'm not in any rush so yeah o: Do you have any preference when it comes to what you want to colour or? Because if not, there's a very big probability I'll end up drawing something Dragon Age related since it's what I've been playing lately hehe ( or maybe Hannibal related bc it gives me some really cool ideas ) Also think I'll go re download that game again now `v`
  10. Ohhh sweet, I played it for a while with my ex gf but I never really got much into it, might try it again tho bc I still wanna get those cool patterns and acessory things o: Also as a side note I like how "sharp" the colouring looks on that one ( more like a really nice combination of sharp and soft ) -- got me curious about having a collab with you, I think my drawing style and your colouring style would match nicely u w u if you're busy tho that's cool, I don't really have a scanner with me rn anyway and I'm not sure if I'd be able to get a good photo of the drawing
  11. Oh man I'm recognizing this, are you playing that forest game where you play as a deer and there is no chat or anything?
  12. Thanks! Well tbh right now I have one spot, tho I must tell you I will take a long while with the stuff I currently already have =x This is because uni started again for me and, well, basically I'm a bit busy :c You can ask for it now, to save the spot, but yeah it will take a while
  13. Kayessa


    Ah this was what I was afraid of when I posted, I didn't mean to make people go like "this person did x thing so I'm not going near them again", it IS understandable, but everyone makes mistakes, sometimes mistakes that are bigger than others, but fortunately ( most ) people learn from said mistakes, and what I'm trying to get at is that I don't think Sweetsy will continue doing the same mistake and will come up with something of his own ( which, honestly, I'm actually curious and excited to see the drawing he'll post next ) I believe that if people give him another chance, they will be surprised with the result :)
  14. Kayessa


    Personally, I liked more the chibis you did before the one you just posted, even because that last one ( and the xelor ) just really reminds me a lot of this dollmaker. For a moment there I was worried you had traced it ( the body shape, hair and eyes at least ), but after putting them side by side I just came to the conclusion you used it as a reference rather than imitating others' styles, I recommend you don't go that way and continue with your own, it's more interesting and better for you ( also because, the artist of that dollmaker specifically asked for people not to make art out of it to get money and also because I'm sure a lot of people that commission you, are commissioning you because of your style, not anybody else's ) of course we all "take" certain details from other artists from time to time, but there's a thing called "stealing like an artist", and to steal like an artist you take certain details ( emphasis on /certain details/, not the whole thing ) you find interesting from another artist and "incorporate them" in your style ( everyone does this, I mean, even art teachers teach you this, it helps you improve ) hope you don't take this the wrong way and don't get angry at me, I'm trying to help and I just don't want you to have people sending you rude messages about this kind of thing "srs bzness" aside, I like the chibis you posted before, specially cruzix's, adding the wings behind him made it pretty cool and I like how you shaded the hat! I might ask for a similar one in the future `v`
  15. Odd, it must be your internet, maybe it isn't loading them quick enough o: Saying this because I can see them right after loading the page
  16. Thanks `v` well you should try, it's always a good exercise to draw things you haven't drawn before ( and tbh drawing characters and not drawing their faces is great for when I don't feel like drawing faces or it just isn't a good day for me to draw noses and/or mouths lmao )
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