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  1. If you didn't know there already is a dofus series
  2. Me and waveblase are back on dofus again after 2years been back 2-3 weeks now on Echo server as it is now called on my main the sadida lvl 200 just been trying to kit him out the rest the teams totally gearless thou love all the updates and still got a lvl 108 guild of only 10 members but they are all active Anyway if u remember or know me what's up, hope ur all enjoying the game and I really love the activity now merging sever reminds me how dofus was 10-12 years back 👍
  3. For those who know know me

    Thanks a lot bro
  4. I'm a chance Sadida tear 3ap is nice but no doll sac means will we lack power?
  5. IS NOW F2P

    Just letting everyone know Im on Remington Server Wakfu is now F2P you can get P2P but it ony gives you 30% Wis buff and PP buff (10% professions) Everything on there has now expanded it's about the same size as dofus if not bigger now Anyway everyone where I am is friendly Guild Cluster Im in but there a lot of other good Guilds :)
  6. IS NOW F2P

    lol ^
  7. IS NOW F2P

    Well I like it a lot I gave up dofus for it but don't mean you should, but being f2p is great but I still get p2p because it give wis and pp buff but have a google around the world it's a huge place so enjoy
  8. IS NOW F2P

    Sorry I haven't reply I totally forgot I posted this up I'm Markb Remington lvl 104 iop builds stre/air (Guild = Cluster) for tips to give people the main thing would be is to go more than 1 element as it benefits for resistance and damage against higher lvl mobs as tend a monster will have high res on all except 1 Any other help pm me in game gl and enjoy
  9. yeh so I have 16+ dofus I need more CH so I'l be swopping with someone for extra kamas etc get back to me
  10. BUYING 20+

    Someone get back to me ASAP please
  11. BUYING 20+

  12. BUYING 20+

    Bump !
  13. was told they will be changing the 20+ to 25-26+ is this true or just talk
  14. Shika Guild List 6.0

    Pandemonium lvl 80
  15. Away for a while - Shika

    what he said ^ lol
  16. I'm Back

    Just updated my sig too Should be more active on here soon, works been busy The site looks wicked now compared to what it was like love the new skins colours and site banner !
  17. I'm Back

    *Bows* Thanks :D
  18. Shika Guild List 6.0

    Pandemonium about to hit 67 :)
  19. Kaitah's Art

    Kaitah your arts still bloody good XD when you got time do me a male Sadida, something hardcore, but only when you got time I see alot of people want stuff off you so I dont care if I have to wait a year or 2
  20. Getting new people into Dofus

    Slage YouTube it, was another game they was going to bring out They spent over budget and still didnt have enough to bring it out Sorry if it seem confusing
  21. Getting new people into Dofus

    Spoke to Izma this year, was told they broke They over spent on the game Slage and ran out of money so they couldn't release it But there is a few new things coming out Ie the Dofus Movies 1-2 And a new series so hope it all goes well As for advertising we all agree but they are just lacking in money
  22. Pm In Game Mark-b or Waveblade Or Message me back here thank you
  23. Hello from the past!

    What up punch :D
  24. New Guild Apocalypse

    Show more detail mate Goodluck with the guild
  25. Shika Guild List 6.0

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      Should I play Dofus again.... hmm.
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      omg no forum in UtE club !
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    • Bohemia

      I was thinking to make a Flash Fleatser event myself, when I noticed that the Fleaster Haven Bag had only 2 days left in Shop, but I was told that the gift feature from Shop was disabled at the time; the prizes were supposed to be P1) Fleaster Haven Bag, P2) one mimisymbic and one weapon of choice at 300 Ogrine to mimi winer's weapon, P3) a Beanie Set (cuz I am addicted to coffee ...; that could be used for merch or w.e.) and 5 packs of 10 Brief Fairyworks. Oh, well, it just couldn't be ... The good thing of that was that it would have let me buy and gift pressies across servers.
      I was told to maybe make the contest only on Echo instead, with prizes only there, since for the moment I can't buy from Shop items and gift them to other people.
      So I'll tell you what is the next plan:
      - drawing event, as it was supposed to be, with drawings made in Paint, Fleaser related, regardless if they are Dofus related too or not;
      - not sure if to have only 1 Paint Fleaster drawing per person, or 3, and from those, only the one with best score to be taken into account;
      - not sure where it is best to do it: on Dofus forums, or here on Impsvillage; or maybe have 2 sections: one on each part, and half the prizes on each part?
      - as prizes, I was thinking about 3 - 4 Ice Dt Harnesses (that one could put over their PP mounts when they do souls for lot, like I do); maybe I could add a couple of Armored Dts too;
      - as period for submitting entries, I was thinking about 2 weeks, to give more time to people to participate.
      I'd appreciate any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions on this.
      Many thanks in advance for your time reading all this/ replaying.
      PS: I'll show you some examples of Paint Fleaster drawing that I have made in about 5 - 10 min e.a.

      · 2 replies