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  1. Hi there, my name is Mindless! I am selling Gold/Eme PURE tree mounts. They are all lvl 5 and breedable with less then 5 matings each. I have decided to get rid of them since I am going to school and I won't have any more time to breed. I am selling them for 1.5mk ea. I have a few repo trait ones that I will sell for 2.3mk ea. Contact info: Pm me in-game one the rosal server @ Mindless. If I am not in game, feel free to send me an ankabox message @ Kennytr. Thank you very much for your time!
  2. It's not overpriced if you're willing to wait at least 5 years for someone that is rich/foolish enough to buy this set for 100mk.
  3. It is rare... I haven't seen any other alli boots ap exo
  4. So I have this exo that I won't be needing anymore with my new set, this is a very rare exo since I haven't seen an ap exo on allister boots before! Im looking for around 65mk, price is nogotiable.. +1 AP 276/300 Vit 73/80 Agi 32/40 Wis 6/6 Crits 1/1 MP 16 Air dmg/18 Air dmg 0/15 propecting 189 Init /300 Init 0/5 AP Reduc resist 14/15 neutral Resist 14/15 Water Resist Pm me good offers please! ING Name (Rosal): Mindless
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