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  1. Sooo I recently reset my (80) Sacrier to Fire/Air for more damage, and I'm a little unsure as to whether I'll want Blood Rush or Bloodthirsty Fury more as my fourth fire spell. I redistributed my spellpoints into Burning Blood, Cage, Punishment (Fire), and Assault, Motion Sickness, Tempest and Light Speed (Air), and using Rejectattoo as an unleveled spell for utility (along with Transpo+Attraction). This leaves me with 2 more spells, but I only have enough spell EXP to level up a last one, so I'll probably use either Sacrier's Fist or Sanguine Armour for utility? I suppose I should be going General Damage under Strength characteristics as well, since I have melee, ranged, single target and AoE damage. Also, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to combo my Air spells with my Fire spells for higher damage/turn. Or am I'm not even supposed to do that, but instead: 1. hit with Motion Sickness+Assault /MS+Tempest when ranged 2. and only use Fire spells when my Feca isn't able to lock all the monsters on the field and the monsters manage to close the gap? In that case Punishment would be an oh-shit-i-hope-this-dies button when my HP reaches 30% naturally via mobs and I wouldn't be running Sanguine to life transfer? This Sacrier literally has to fulfil most, if not all, of my damage needs, since I'm running a tank/support Feca and a Water/Air Eni (only Fire spell is Sadist Mark cos Massacre is beautiful), and neither of those are very good at doing damage so far, so any tips/tricks for figuring out this build's playstyle would be welcome! (It used to be Fire/Earth, which was really brainless to play - just lock as many things as possible and spam BTF+Burning I decided to go with Blood Rush over BTF, leveled up Rejectattoo as well (so all my spells are 70+ instead of 80, which should be fine). Working out decently so far~
  2. Thanks! That was really informative. Quick follow-up: Since most of Feca spells I'm using are pure utility, what should I be looking for in gear? Struggling to find anything relevant that makes my Feca feel more than just a mule. (Also, does Earth% and Water% affect the values of Orb Armour and Drip respectively?)
  3. I just started playing Wakfu literally three days ago, and I'm currently running Feca+Eni+Sac (fire/earth). So far I've just been throwing all my armours onto the Sac and using her to lock multiple things while my friend's characters (Cra/Iop/Rogue, if that matters) chuck spells at them. Is a Feca supposed to use their spare AP to just throw out meteorites to buff people repeatedly? I find that my Eni does more damage in Unnatural Remedies form than the puny Drips and Meteorites. I'm a little clueless as to what my Feca's job is after the first turn of armour-spam. Currently I just run around trying to save the Iop via Drip+Orb Armour after he tries to take on 4 monsters at once. Also, I'm a little worried that Feca+Sac might end up being overkill later on in the game, since I've read that both are tanks and you only need one of that role.
  4. Wait what. I decayed from Challenger to Plat last season after not playing for about 6+ months.
  5. Adc changes look interesting, I'm actually pretty tempted to give league a spin again. Have the runes for the ads changed drastically or is it still ad reds armour yellows attack speed everything else?
  6. it's okay, ain't like them white boys be any good at this game~
  7. I'm so confused. Huehuekaiser and spin2win bot is a thing now?
  8. Tuna


    Tried the Dragon Priest deck (forked out 800 dust for the twilight guardians, ugh), didn't like it at all. Feels like a stronger Druid deck from 1-5 but peters out after that because of the lack of reach. Like seriously your only win condition is Ysera. You lose every time to Control decks if you can't snowball wins with early Velen's Chosens. I'll wait for better minds than me to refine it - I simply do not like playing the deck. And tbh I tried Justicar in Dragon Priest. I don't think it works. I've been testing Priest decks, and so far Justicar is pretty decent in old-school Control Priest with Auchenai-Circles and such.
  9. Tuna


    Yeah, tbh I only see it functioning as anti-patron tech. God I hate ladder right now. I dropped from 4-6 in lose streaks to Patron/Secret/Patron/Secret
  10. Tuna


    Chillmaw feels weak, Aggro Druid is strong but has very polarising matchups (absolutely horrible vs freeze mage, ramp druid, control warrior(?), for example) Dragon Priest feels like a potential top-tier deck, with some refinement. Keeping a close eye on Strifecro's lists atm - he picked it up recently and is tinkering about with it.
  11. Tuna


    I don't actually think that Oil Rogue is weak in the current patch. It's always been a very good deck, no real reason for it to fall out of favour tbh unless everyone is playing control warrior.
  12. Tuna


    Loving Murloc Knight in midrange pally. Want to try out Doragon Priesto but don't have the cards :< Sekrits Paladin feels incredibly powerful but also inconsistent?
  13. Tuna


    Opened 51 packs, got 3 trash legendaries. Oh well.
  14. Tuna


    Hmm. Yeah, maybe. Not too excited for most of the inspire cards though. Joust/Dragons is more interesting. OH EXCEPT THUNDERBLUFF VALIANT. Shamans gonna rekt.
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