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  1. New infos: http://forum.dofus.c...tarminator-2013 Quick summary: The total 204 teams of the 51 servers will be split in 4 pools initially. The 16 best of each pool will participate in the finals. Pools will be fighting on these days: (All teams in a given pool fight on these day) A) Monday, July 29th, Map B. Friday, August 2nd, 2 Map F. Tuesday, August 6th, Map A. Saturday, August 10th,Map G. Wednesday, August 14th,Map E. B) Tuesday, July 30th, F. Saturday, August 3rd, A. Wednesday, August 7th, G. Sunday, August 11th, E. thursday, August 15th, B. C) Wednesday, July 31st, A. Sunday, August 4th, G. Thursday, August 8th, E. Monday, August 12th, B. Friday, August 16th, F. D) Thursday, August 1st, G. Monday, August 5th, E. Friday, August 9th, B. Tuesday, August 13th, F. Saturday, August 17th, A. Finals: Monday, August 19th: 64th, on map H. Wednesday, 21st: 32th, Map H(?) Friday, August 23rd, 16th. Map I. Sunday, August 25th, 8th, Map D. Tuesday, August 27th, 4th, Map K. Thursday, August 29th, Semi-Final, Map L. Saturday, August 31th: Final and loser's final: Map M. Forfeit now eliminate your team from all subsequent fights, on top of the -10 to your server and disqualifying your team from any server-ranking reward (In term of prizes). rules (in french) may be found here: https://docs.google....r99vlncdWI/edit
  2. Modules. *cough* (Puits is Sink)
  3. Source: http://forum.dofus.c...rs?poid=8709590 See you in 2014?
  4. You do realize she was talking about the Goultarminator devblog, correct? The one that has been posted since Friday? http://impsvillage.c...arminator-2013/ Nothing groundbreaking in there, either.
  5. GOULTARMINATOR 2013 Intro: Hello everyone! The DOFUS team is working relentlessly on the development of the Alliance vs Alliance system for the 2.13 update, I'm also swimming in PvP as I'm in the middle of preparing the next edition of the Goultarminator. Although after 4 editions, the tournament begins to have solid and well established rules, some details of the rules will change this year, and it is yet too soon to publish them completely. Nonetheless, I know many of you have started your training for the tournament, and just as many of you want to being practicing as soon as possible. As such I wanted to communicate the important information as soon as possible to help you prepare! Here, it is now done. Calendar: June 26th to July 7th 2013: Registration opens, Speed Trial. July 8th to July 14th: Popularity Trial. July 15th to July 21th: Teams' composition. July 23th: Selected characters' data will be saved (during the weekly server maintenance). July 29th to August 17th: Selection Phase. August 19th, 20th: Round of 32 August 22th: Round of 16 August 24th: Round of 8 August 26th: Quarterfinals August 28th: Semifinals August 30th: Final and small final. For registration to the save of selected characters, the dates are frozen. In regard to the selection and final phases, there might still be an offset depending on the final calendar, but this should give you a good estimate of the periods you should make sure to be available in if you want to participate. Format and team composition: · The format remains 4v4. · The Foggernaut is making its debut in the tournament for the first time this year! · There are only 15 different classes for the 16 characters required to complete the teams, so it is still necessary to double the amount of characters from one class. In 2012, Iop and Cra were picked for this. This year, it will be Sram that will do the honors! We hesitated a while between picking Sram or Ecaflip for two reasons. First off, because they are both damage dealer classes that have a significant Erosion spell, an important capacity ever since the weapon overhaul that made protection spells more efficient. Also, because those two classes have the particularity of offering some variety in their gameplay (The Ecaflip can play very offensively just as well as he can adopt a healer and support role, while the Sram can swap between raw damage, map manipulation or harassment via invisibility, traps and poison). Finally, we picked Sram for the simple reason of population. There are many more Sram players than Ecaflips, so it will be easier to find candidates. · Pillar classes remains the same as 2012. The Osamodas, Sacrier, Xelor and Eniripsa classes must be in separate teams. Victory conditions: For this edition, we wanted to put the accent on the fact that servers form a big team, made of 4 smaller teams. The issue of having a "trash team", to use the term employed by players, has always deeply disturbed us, and our successive attempts to counter the individualism that incited players to prefer the formation of one really powerful team that could go far, but all alone. The problem here is that we want to reward servers that gamble on balanced teams, of course, so that each has a chance for victory, but nonetheless reward the team that will win the final. Several measures will be implemented: · Some individual rewards for the top 3 teams will be removed (or moved, rather). The winning team however keeps its shields, sets, emotes, and titles. · Individual rewards will be added for the participants of servers that have the highest ranking. · The Selection Phase will be reviewed as to set up more interesting fights earlier in the tournament. The planning of fights in the Selection Phase will not be finalized 3 weeks in advance, but will rather be updated each week, using a system similar to the Swiss tournament system to do the match ups. The objective is that teams fights other teams of their own level earlier in, while allowing weaker teams to remain interested in fighting all of their fights as they know they have opponents of their level. It will also help avoiding the issue of teams qualifying by "chance" by being matched with 3 weaker teams in a row. · This new behaviour will allow us to remove the separation between French and International teams during the selection phase. · The server's ranking will once again be based on the sums of its team points, rather than the point of its last team as in 2012. New combat maps: 13 news combat maps have been created for this new edition of the Goultarminator. I will let you study their set-up in tactical mode now, but you will need to wait for access to the tournament server to discover their true appearance! These maps will eventually be added to the Kolossium map pool. And, that's it … for now. See you in June for the publishing of the entire rule set! Source: http://www.dofus.com/fr/devblog/billets/premieres-infos-goultarminator-2013
  6. If I had to wager anything, it's Xelor overhaul teasing for 2.12. But it's a longshot ;)
  7. Tonight maintenance will do the following changes on Frigost 3 dungeons: Missiz Frizz : The spell (!)Glace de pic no longer has a trigger limit. The damage bonus from the spell (!)Congère when dealt damage for allies has been increased but no longer stack more than once. Missiz Frizz and her allies are now in Heavy state during the entire length of the fight. The heal given by the (!)Antigel spell has been increased. The (!)Antigel spell now only pushes allies and enemies by 1 cell. The spell (!)Piège glacial now only pushes allies and enemies by 1 cell. The behaviour of the spell (!)Crystallisation has been changed, it allows Missiz Frizz and her allies to gain MPs when an attempt to remove MP is cast on them every 3 turns, but prevents monsters from being able to lock opponents. Klime : The (!)Moustacheron spell damage component that is indexed to missing health has been reduced, but the base damage has been increased. Nileza : The (!) Molalité illéplochable spell no longer has a trigger limit. The spell (!)Ovagodra now only triggers on ranged damage. The (!) Molalité illéplochable spell now only triggers on ranged damage. The safety radius of the spell (!)Alchide Chitrique has been increased. The (!)Cabalcaloïde spell now works correctly if Nileza is carried at the start of its turn. Count Harebourg : The (!) Alternance spell no longer has a trigger limit. The (!) Mi-Temps spell no longer has a trigger limit. The (!)Pendultimatum spell now only triggers on melee damage. The (!) Alternance and (!) Mi-Temps spell now works correctly if the Count Harebourg is carried at the start of its turn. Sylargh : The (!)Necromignon spell is no longer applied multiple time on resurrected monsters. The composition of the Sylargh monster group has been changed : A Mecanofoux replace the Serpulax in 4-person mode, and a second Tinkerbear replace the second Mecanofoux.
  8. Here's the spell change so far, more may be added by Monday. This is the base value increase in %, not the final amount, so a low base damage spell like Leek Pie or Natural attack getting buffed by 25% doesn't mean the overall is 25% stronger *snip* (Now included by Ala in the opening post) PS: Mot Olov is self-only PPS: Sadface, more thing will go through shield. @Below: I'll refer you to your own avatar :)
  9. Monsters ending their turn on a glyph (These can stacks) get +300 damage for 2 turns. That accounts for Klime +Damage you might have seen (AI prioritize ending in glyph if possible, unless it can do a damage line in its place) You have a 3 turn grace period, where Klime gives everyone the "Smooth Skin" buff. Once that is expired (Klime 4th turn), any players who does not have the Smooth Skin buff during a monster's turn die to the Musical Glyph Global Effect. Smooth Skin can be acquired for a turn by ending onto a Glyph. Since Klime is generally first to play, that means the Glyph needs to be entered within the 3rd turn, and any turn thereafter. Philistine's note are incomplete (They were our initial notes), but Klime poison is entirely Insidious-Poison based, and is a mere (150~200+Damage buff) fire damage every turn over 3 turns. It's nothing major unless you let Klime sit on multiple glyphes.
  10. Speaking of... latest patch on the test server: Le sort Trêve est modifié : son coût passe à 3 PA, le temps de relance passe à 10,9,8,7,6 et 5 tours aux niveaux 1 à 6. La durée passe à 1. Le coup critique est supprimé. La réduction de dommage n'est désormais plus désenvoûtable. Les points de sort investis sont rendus. Truce has been modified. AP cost is now of 3 AP, cooldown is now of 10,9,8,7,6,5 at level 1 through 6. Duration is now of 1. No longer has a critical hit. No longer unbewitchable. Spell points returned.
  11. According to Dofus Book, Chance > 450.
  12. Correct. On odd turn, the pivot is the attacking character. On even turn, the pivot is the count.
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