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  1. Fyred Ampe's Pickaxe from Fyred Ampe Set Klume's Hammer from Klume Set Kalkaneus's Boots Davyd's Cloots
  2. We finally know the tournament dates. \o/ Sunday 17 january (19:00 DUT) : Registering on JeuxOnLine Dofus forum Sunday 24 janvier (19:00 DUT) : Registering on Official Dofus forum Saturday 13 february: Round 1 Wednesday 17 february: Round 2 Sunday 21 february: Round 3 Wednesday 24 february: Round 4 Sunday 28 february: Round 5 Wednesday 02 march: Round 6 Sunday 06 march: 16th Wednesday 09 march: 8th Sunday 13 march: Quarters Wednesday 16 march: Semis Sunday 20 march: Finales The dates are scheduled with XyaLe (french community manager) to take place just after a Beta server reset.
  3. Yes. No dates but rumor is saying january-february atm. I'll post info about it when something is confirmed.
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH this is a typo mistake D: This girl is right! I was talking with my friend Cidy when we was doing the translation (google doc "let's translate in same time" stuff) and I said I prefer writing minus but I was talking about the malus in forfeit case... T_T gonna fix that right now!
  5. Heya guys, little news! If you have missed this information, you have the original post on jol forum: http://forums.jeuxonline.info/showthread.php?t=1309574 You think you’re the best Dofousse player? Prove it in Draft and Furious! Fahrell will be organizing a 4vs4 interserver tournament at the beginning of 2016 for pvp lovers. The main innovation of this tournament will be the way teams will be formed. Teams will consist of 4 players, not 4 classes. Every fight in this competition will have a draft phase. The 8 players in any fight will decide which classes will be used during the match.
  6. Heya guys, We're working atm with Cidy to split the stream and export all matches on youtube. I want thank all our viewers, staying with us during this long (painfull) last day of Goultarminator. They was brave to support/survive our killing frenglish during all this hours and patient with our live fails ^^ I want to thank too this amazing guys helping me with the stream: Cidy, Persona, Logistique and Steam-alb. Commenting all along (when I was taking care the backend part) was a really huge work. Without your motivation, I will probably never decide to stream the whole day. A big tha
  7. Heya guys, we'll be streaming tomorrow the last fights of Goultarminator (100% english with french accents from time to time). Feel free to join us, it gonna be a loooooong day. http://www.twitch.tv/gondawatv We'll be with Persona, Casino-Royal, Steam-alb, Logistique (from Amariyo), Cidy and myself.
  8. I want thank all international teams for their fights during this Goultarminator. We'll be there next year to support and follow you guys :* Always a disappointment to leave this tournament but you reach the place that a lot of "famous" french servers was convince to deserve. <3 My own Rushu 8th videos and their results. https://youtu.be/Y-Syy0d1HOQ https://youtu.be/qhv7joc-6mc https://youtu.be/-B5MFgchtOI https://youtu.be/2qy4VEtJEJE
  9. Congratulations Rushu, you did it!!! My next stream schedule (full of Rushu ofc) The twitch live is now available on youtube, I can't split the whole evening yet (no option available) but I wrote in description all the fights times. https://youtu.be/exswswI6LTE Rushu B vs Rykke-Errel B https://youtu.be/c49JoSSGr3M Aermine A vs Rosal B https://youtu.be/SbM1nE0UQJo Silouate A vs Solar C https://youtu.be/ocRqGXgm45A Hecate B vs Rushu A Few minutes of Bolgrot B vs Rushu C (turn 6) at 2:20:19. Sorry for the creepy live xD Can't make my mic working on my notebook and boring music.
  10. I just receive a warning from Izmar, she'll take back my goulta access if I'm not streaming so I'll see you friday for the Round 6 on my twitch channel. Good luck for this evening guys!
  11. ok guys. No fight recorded or streamed from my side today. Going in a break of "work". It seems my attempt to make something looking good for my own community isn't appreciated.
  12. Private because still uploading. It will turn available when it's completely done. Wednesday calendar: http://i62.tinypic.com/2nkq9mb.png Regarding Losty is taking the Rosal teams and 2 Rushu teams. I'll probably just take care of Rushu B. Just let me know if you want I keep an eye on something else. The result table of this Round 4: http://i58.tinypic.com/2nhkll5.png
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