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  1. So I came back to the game a couple of days ago after taking a...pretty long break. I used to look through the builds on dofusplanner and the majority in this thread are on there but it isn't up anymore so can't use them for ideas anymore Just don't really have a clue what I should be aiming for and stuff I'm so bad at making sets. Class: Feca, Enu, Eni, Panda, Iop, CraBuild: Pretty much whatever's decent at the moKamas/time available: Pretty much most things except Vulbis, could work towards most things pretty efficientlyExtra comments: I really just don't have a clue - literally any help would be appreciated, even if it's just a run down of which builds are decentPvP or PvM oriented: Just pvm Thanks for any help ^^
  2. [Manaia] - ADMIN - June 25, 2018, 16:00:57 Calibula-95, their respawn times are not linked nor do they depend on each other. In fact, a little bird told me that once their cooldown is up, the rhineetle automatically pops onto the map. If no space is available, it replaces an already existing mob. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/333171-breeding-mounts?page=3
  3. Throw me a pm if you still need these, Hyrules-Defence ^^
  4. People keep going on about 508, which I'm sure influenced this change a large deal. Have you not thought about other content that it affected? Not seen a run of either nidas or vortex yet with less than 3 cra's (granted I'm on shika so seen it done like 5 times...) but the point stands. They made mobs too easy and that shouldn't be the case imo, I think 2/turn would suffice, however they clearly want cra's to do more than just buff and cast explo and slow down which is fair enough
  5. Matter of opinion :P I'm totally not arguing that Rushu has its pro's. I for one would love to have the markets and stuff available to me on Shika that are on Rushu, and the higher population could be a plus for resources and stuff. But then I remind myself of the numerous times I've personally debated moving over to Rushu and decided to stay put on Shika. I guess it's just whether this is your cup of tea or not. I personally much prefer playing with myself and a couple of friends the majority of the time, not saying I specifically avoid other people, and I am more than happy to help with pretty much anything if they need it, but I love that there are only a handful of "plz leech" messages I see a day. If you're not enjoying yourself here, take advantage of the offer and try it out ^^ That's what the game's here for, to enjoy yourself, and if there's a step you could take to further that enjoyment, then it would be silly to not do it! Shika will still be here for now if you decide you don't like it ^^
  6. I think I kinda understand what you don't like. Out of interest, how would you have these spells be rewarded if not by xp?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I was happy with the cosmetic rewards too, I'm a sucker for things like that. But I don't get why you specifically DO NOT want new spells? This is just two sides of an argument, and obviously people are gonna be on either side of the fence :P Like you say, you might wanna keep up with other people, but that's something I don't mind about. I will quite happily slowly gain xp as I do other things (like levelling alts) and these are gonna be a ncie reward for me :) Again I would like to re-iterate that I'm not saying that this is the right or wrong path for them to take, just that it is one that I am personally happy with and excited for :)
  8. But you still don't have to...You're not gonna lose the spells that we already have, they're probably not gonna get any worse than the usual spell balancing that they do? This is literally just extra for people that still wanna gain xp or work towards something, I don't get why that's a bad thing :(
  9. Sounds good that they're potentially reconsidering some of their ideas because players aren't fond - it's one thing people complain that they don't do. Sad, however, because I was looking forward to it :(
  10. I'm excited :) I like this idea for them, granted I will have to wait for beta and see how I feel about it then :p Hopefully this stays the way I see it in my head! I hope it does, anyway
  11. I've been reading this thread and the one on the dofus forum, and I still can't understand why people think this is worth quitting over? Not in any way saying you're wrong or not entitled to your opinions but could anyone just dumb down for me why people are angry? I understand if you've spent hours upon hours getting scrolls to max your characters spell points, but anyone else? I don't get what's not to like?
  12. Not saying they -should- care, just that I don't understand why they don't :P edit: For the record, I do not, and probably will not, play on this server. For those that want to though, I understand their frustrations ^^
  13. In all the letters to the community and stuff they say how they just wanna create a universe that people will love as much as they do, and they literally have it there. I get how much time etc has gone into upgrading to Dofus 2, but you'd think they'd just be happy people were playing their game. I think I read somewhere a few months ago that Jagex were a bit salty because old school runescape had more players than runescape 3...
  14. Yeah...no :( I never dc but that's my third time in the last half hour :(
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