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  1. Goatee

    The last person to post here wins

    I feel like we're lacking a lot of information here: When is the end of this thread so that there can be a "last person to post here"? Is there a date? Is it until Rob closes the thread due to derailment again? Or is the end when Imps Village is closed down for good? Is it a perpetual thing, where whoever posts here the most recent is currently winning, until such a time where someone else posts here, thus them becoming the one that is currently winning? What is there to win? Am I currently winning? OMG! I think I am! Suck it, bitch, I'm winning!
  2. Goatee

    Redesign of Pets

    See, this is how you do an update on old set items. not fuck up the whole system like the breeding stuff. This, this is what pets should be like. I'm a bit sad that they removed the pet dungeon. could've been the perfect time to revamp it. The idea of the dungeon is novel, just getting there was sorta annoying and the rewards were useless.
  3. Goatee

    2.47 Livestream

  4. Goatee

    Random Screenshots

    For years I wanted to know what my total playtime is and every time I mentioned that to other players they would decline having that knowledge. well, sucks to be all those people because we can finally see how much time we spent playing and zaapsitting on Dofus! https://account.ankama.com/en/dofus-games
  5. Goatee


    I think we have a winner. Wrap it up, bois and girls.
  6. Goatee

    Breeding Mounts Changelog

    One of its harnesses
  7. Goatee


    Ok, we're derailing the thread now.
  8. Goatee


  9. Goatee

    Post your goals and achievements

    No, that was the lvl 100 alignment fight. And each alignment has 3 orders, which have each 5 quests. And I already did 4 of those (lvl 20, 40, 60 and 80), last one was missing and is required for the Ivory questline, too.
  10. Goatee

    Post your goals and achievements

    Quest finished: [Apprenticeship: Guardian of Torture] Achievement unlocked: [Your Desires Are Disorder] Ornament obtained: [Glorious Unsound Mind] Thanks to @Animuffin, @Siegfried and @Latakia for the help with the Order #5 questline. And so many other people over the years for their help on various Brakmar alignment queststeps. Brakmar forever!
  11. Oh great, another Wakfu franchise. Not like that game had enough publicity already with the anime, the Xbox game, and now another game. Yay. New update 2.47: Dofus is being renamed to "Wakfu Antique" Krosmaga will be renamed to Wakfumaga Dofus Pets = Wakfu Pets Krozmaster = Wakfumaster All Hail our Wakfu Overlords. :(
  12. Goatee

    Echominator [TOURNAMENT]

    See you in court!
  13. Goatee

    Random Screenshots

    Akornaddikt drops Hazelnuts. Quadro is correct with his assumption. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/monsters/463-akornaddikt-squirrel
  14. Goatee

    Breeding Revamp

    Also, pretty much any answer they gave was: "We don't agree with you and we'll do it anyway, because you're all wrong." Great...