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  1. This thread is for achievements. This is very offtopic, not just "maybe". Make a thread here.
  2. This is copyright infringement. Rosalt will see you in court!
  3. I don't understand. You open the DeepL website from your bookmarks and then again in a new tab by typing the url. ok? I know you can use DeepL online. But you can't enter a URL into DeepL and it autotranslates it for you. The whole website. Examples: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dofuspourlesnoobs.com%2F https://www.translatetheweb.com/?ref=TVert&from=&to=en&a=https://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/
  4. DeepL doesn't work with website URLs. Only Google and Bing seem to be able to do that. So, if you're gonna use DeepL or any other free translation services that aren't Google or Bing/Microsoft you'll have to copy and paste the whole website into it. It shouldn't be that big a problem, but it's still an annoying task you need to be aware of.
  5. I would make @Coopers be held accountable for his time-based promises. April 20th 2020 is just another lie.
  6. I'm sorry, but I'm playing on Henual. This thread can be closed now.
  7. I want to give a big thank you to Riaan and Inescapable for helping me with Klime, Missiz and Merkator (and Joe for spectating)!
  8. Thanks guys! I now have Klime, Missiz and Captain Meno instead of Bethel and that Turtelonia. That seems much more doable.
  9. Managed to craft a nice Earth Kwak set with Stijn's help and reached lvl 50.
  10. I had that issue yesterday. Go into the Dofus 2.x options in your Ankama Launcher and click on the Repair button. It should fix it. It did for me and a number of French players.
  11. Ahoy anyone playing on Echo, I haven't actively played Dofus in years and really only came back for the 15 years anniversary quest. That worked well until last night. It's asking me to run 3 lvl 200 dungeons. I've been stuck on Bethel (and Solar) since 2017 or something like that and never even stepped foot into the new area Turtelonia is in. My gear is from ages ago, too. Is there a kind soul that could help me with any of these dungeons? Doesn't have to be today, doesn't have to be tomorrow. Just whenever anyone here can help me within the next 10 days before the event ends on the 29th. I promise to pull my weight if you give me a quick explanation about the boss fights. And I apologize in advance already for any mistakes I might make, things seem to have changed quite a bit since the last time I actively played. Thank you either way. (I'm not asking for a leech, I'm not gonna just sit back and use leek pie in a corner so I don't bother you.)
  12. I'd take back those words that've hurt you and you'd stay
  13. Goal: Achieve Happiness I'll update you guys when I reached that goal. Hang tight.
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