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  1. Goatee

    Rosalt live blog

    That's the biggest fake news I've seen since the most recent bullshit Trump did at any given time.
  2. Goatee

    Rosalt live blog

    Ahoy, neither the guild nor the server are anywhere near alive anymore (Rosalt was never alive to be fair) but every now and then the Yellow-Green fight comes back to my mind and back to various discussions. Today I was reminded of it by a coworker complaining about my definition of yellow. Sooooo.... after some discussion and displaying the screenshots on page 2 everyone agreed with me that Abood's fucking colors were green and not yellow. Fight me.
  3. Goatee

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    Excuse me, but if Ebony has +5hp and we already got the almighty Dofawa that has +1hp... are you telling me Ankama is just gonna allow us to have +6hp just like that? Seems a bit OP.
  4. Ankama released a fix for this issue. I tested it just now, I was able to add the missing special spells while having one of my old ensembles equipped and saving it.
  5. Ankama is telling you that Necronyx is the new meta! I'm having the same problem. Switching to any set removes the special spells, I'm unable to add them during the fight preparation, and my omni set just got no spells at all. I heard that you could delete all your ensembles and recreate them again, which would "fix" the issue. Try doing that on 1 character with 13 sets, or 8 characters with 2+ sets each. Fun times.
  6. Goatee

    Ceremonial pets

    No, I get the joke, but maybe someone really does need a proper answer.
  7. Goatee

    Ceremonial pets

    There's no pet. But you need 200 of those skin for 10 Orange Dye for the Halloween questline. And markets are insane right now.
  8. Well, add me to the list of people being really annoyed by this situation.
  9. Well, I'd say fixing this very obvious hole would solve most of the issues, no?
  10. You can transfer to 2.x from 1.29? That shouldn't be allowed at all, for no reason. Wtf, Ankama?
  11. Additionally, I contacted our CM [Manaia] on Twitter https://twitter.com/Manaia_Ankama and told her to take a look at this thread.
  12. Goatee

    [EVENT] Echos Drawing Contest

    October 6th, still no winners announced. @Coopers , get your shitposting fixed.
  13. Goatee

    Hello there

    Rosalt was such a dead guild it took the whole server into the abyss. [Click here to join Rosalt and split Rosal from Echo]
  14. Goatee

    Hello there

    Ahoy Horxy