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  1. Passing the crown

    I don't accept @Rob as an authority figure. Go make Imps Village great again, Rob, or else! (I'm joking, please don't ban me like one of your Welsh Masqs.)
  2. Post your goals and achievements

    Achievement unlocked: [A New Hope]
  3. Capngoat's shitty drawing

    TanaKaZ from #general-fr on the Dofus Discord server. I apologize to everyone I've forgotten to draw a shitty drawing yet. I have only excuses to offer. I'll get to it eventually. I hope.
  4. Random Screenshots

    I think that was a reference to the hacked person's character name "Trump-etc" and the Russian Hacker scandal/theory/allegations during the last US election.
  5. Gamakna

    And you don't think that these things could be additional changes that come to the games with the 4 topics they chose? We just had an update that added content, new spells, balancing, etc. Your points would make the list look like this: - eSport improvements (ok, fair point) - Destroy bots and cheaters (translate: Hey, bot writers, we're coming for you, this is a warning so you have enough time to prepare for this cat and mouse game nobody will ever win, and the users will never understand and keep asking us to do something about bots, even though we've been doing that for the past 14 years and you keep catching up because that's how bots work, they adapt to changes) - Removal of community chats (yeah, we really needed 1 full update to remove 1 feature. sorry, nothing else. 10gb patch btw)
  6. Gamakna

    it says "6 instances du jeu en cours" which means that the game has 6 instances currently running. You can still multi-log with the new launcher. Currently, professions are so interwoven that so many people are complaining. With that change, it'll be less frustrating to level professions - from my understanding. Izmar mentioned at the 10 years anniversary in 2014 that having all 6 primordial Dofus will unlock something special. If the devs are still on that target, the game isn't over. You don't win. Do you just want the last Dofus to never be released for fear the game will end? This is an MMO, they're adding new content every 3 months, this isn't some game from the 90s with a single goal and when that's reached you get a big "The End" screen and the credits roll. How about you stop being so god damn negative? But please, entertain me, what would your 4 changes for 2018 be, if these are so fucking terrible in your opinion?
  7. This was a lot of fun! The Bontarians weren't able to find me for such a long time. They won in the end, but it was a fun event either way! Thanks for hosting it, Anjulica!
  8. Gamakna

    > new Ankama launcher WE BLIZZARD, BOIS!
  9. Friend List troubles

    Dunno about anyone else, but my friend list was at 140-ish when I last commented and is now back at 250-ish. Looks like they fixed the issue.
  10. Friend List troubles

    Apparently, Ankama's aware of it and is trying to resolve it: https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1115-bugs/2261926-bug-liste-amis-post-maj-mardi-19-12-17?page=1#entry12121259
  11. Random Screenshots

    That would make for a fun dungeon. All summons and opponents are giant. Kinda like the Cockroach dungeon, but better.
  12. Gauge of interest

    I'd like to do roleplaying, but most of the time the proper roleplayer have some annoying rules like "don't acknowledge that this is a game, always talk as your character, never mention anything that isn't explicitly mentioned in-game. That's too limiting, can ruin /g and can be very annoying when talking about updates. How are you gonna discuss those? "Rumors have it the Gods are teaching us new spells in the next season, your arrows will deal more damage and your dolls will come to life without the need for trees, fellow Twelvian. Visit the Realm of the Unreleased Changes to see the Gods' plans in detail as our rules forbid me from talking about this realm from an outsider's perspective!"? Or having alternative characters? Most people with teams talk with one main character, the others only rarely have their own personalities.
  13. Godfathers Fortune : How to play?

    They sometimes have Ogrine purchase promotions with a free Armored Dragoturkey. Basically it means you gotta wait.
  14. Post your goals and achievements

    Thanks to: Auke for Danti and Koutoulou Martin for Meno and various questfights