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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!


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    Composing music, playing guitar, skateboarding, creating basic games,

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    Boshbosh,mangrove,ouronogride,my-distance,bosh-healz,erector,boshs-arrow (theres more but meh)

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    cant even remember
  1. SOLD Selling for 38mk Will trade up my +15 and 4mk for a +16 Contact me ingame - Mangrove
  2. Selling turqs

    would you take a 15 + kamas?
  3. Second maint?

    maintenance scheduled to finish in 10 minutes [izmar] Community ManagerGigantic Kralove Destroyer Member Since 2009-10-19 Today - 17:39:47 | 1 1 | #1 Exceptional Maintenance Period - December 10, 2013Due to some unreported bugs from the beta, all DOFUS servers will be down for a brief unscheduled maintenance today, Tuesday, December 10, 2013 from approximately 17:30 (game time) to 18:00 (game time). We apologize for this unexpected maintenance and for any inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.
  4. Hey, for all you guys wanting the beautiful Wabbit Ornament, there is a tile puzzle at the end of "Journey to the center of the wabbit" that requires 3 people to complete. I stumbled (glitched?) upon the answer accidentally and it is as such V
  5. Ah, i never bothered with alignment quests so that explains my ignorance. thanks guys.
  6. I was wandering around the edge of the treechnid forest and found this cave on my little rushu nublets. Anyone got any idea what it is ? Bosh
  7. Money question

    Create a character, Problem solved.
  8. Selling a 15 crit turq

    This sold yet ?
  9. Thanks for the replies, In response to Nubber : My sadi is now Cha, my xel is int, my eni is int, my sac is cha and my unused cra is int/str. Thank you both for the tips, i shall experiment today !
  10. A long time ago, i started a 4 man team (my main + 3 alts) which i was raising in bwork dungeon. (easy keys, not bad exp in every room + parchs/scalps etc.) Since then, the dungeon team 4/5/6/7/8 difficulty system has left me a bit clueless as to where the exp is good. Basically, i want to level my team up to end game level, currently we are. Sadi(cha)/Xel(int)/Eni(int)/Sac(cha) ( 13x cra as well but i tend to not use it ) 199/171/100/100 I have no idea where the exp is good any more, i'd much prefer to do dungeons instead of mindless frig grinding (less running multiple people, more boss drops, more challenges etc.) If anyone could give me some tips i'd be very grateful. Also, if theres a void in my class selection for my team, any suggestions there would be appreciated as well.~ Edit: I dont intend on turning any alts wis. ~Bosh
  11. London Expo/Dofus meetup

    i'll be there, but i wont have much time to spare. big tings.
  12. Post your goals and achievements

    Though this is true, i know many people who used 6 or less characters in korriander before the whole "hey theres only 4 people so you nly have to fight 4 monsters" thing.