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    Photography, Music, computerGames, Nature, Animals, Work.

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  1. Hey, pretty good thanks. Yourself? Na moved back to Zato a few months back. Basically moved the guild there, which is going well.

  2. What's up? still on rushu?

  3. What's up? still on rushu?

  4. hey dim hows it going?

  5. Hey Ele im back in rushu. its panda-xpress but call me by my new name now since i don't have my other account anymore

  6. Hey ced, hows it going?

  7. Djinn

    Selling house

    Selling Medium house with 2 chests for 2.5mil its in 4,-5 in the amakna castle area. Nice area for a multi alignment guild
  8. I just made a rating of you and your now Full 5 stars now =D

  9. Lol I notice that ur friends on my old profle that goes under the name Professional-Kill lol on imps

  10. Well that sucks =/ but in a good way since you found another game