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  1. Is it possible to transfer multiple chars on one account for a single transfer date?
  2. Funny that we've only crossed paths maybe a time or two despite being on the same server for years, but from your forum posts you've always seemed like a pretty cool dude. I enjoyed reading your threads about your irl guild house haha. Take care
  3. Do you lose profession level with a death on Shadow?
  4. Lowering the percentage of hp reduction on masquerade seems like a more appropriate action, though Ankama may be set in trying to make it a completely different spell... At any rate I'd be very surprised if it makes it out of beta in its current state
  5. wat Anyone else sort of miffed by this? Seems unwarranted given it's already limited range. An unnecessary change imo. Other than that - exciting update, looking forward to it.
  6. This is happening to me as well. Neither clearing the cache nor resintalling the game fixed the problem. Website is working fine for me though
  7. Irk


    For the last few weeks whenever I visit the site on mobile I get redirects to the app store to try and get me to download candy crush....it's incredibly annoying as it happens multiple times without touching any of the ads. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. Pretty damn cool. Good luck with the guild and the search for a new house!
  9. Cool stuff as always. Welcome back
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