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  1. @Vini or Revert, could you send me the link for the pserver that is still fairly popular by any chance?
  2. I apologize if this is against the rules and if it is feel free to lock it, but I was reminiscing a bit on the ol' Dofus and I was wondering if there is a functional private server or anything of the sort of 1.29 that I can play on? If not, anyone ever think of making one? I feel like it'd be a lot of fun and a decent amount of people would be interested in playing. I know a lot of other games have private servers and I'm curious as to why Dofus doesn't seem to.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I don't have a miner, so I guess I'm just better off buying the AP/MP runes, as well as the other runes. As for the items popular for exomages.. on your server, out of curiosity, AP Bherb is still in high demand? Is it much cheaper compared to the new Frig items, or are they all within the same ball park range? How much do these exo mages sell for? EDIT: Basically I guess I'm trying to ask if bherbal belt will be good for optimal returns as compared to any other items
  4. Question here: I'm thinking about using all of my fund as a gamble for AP/MP exo maging for shits and gigs. However to be honest, I am not sure how to go about approaching it. My funds are around 80~120M. 1) Should I buy the AP/MP runes? Or should I craft them myself? 2) If craft, what is the best item to crush to get them where I can purchase these items or purchase the resources to craft, then destroy? 3) Should I buy the other runes as well or craft and destroy? 4) What is a belt/boot or ring/amulet that is fairly in demand now for an exo AP/MP mage? Basically, what item should I attempt exomaging for maximum yield/profit? 5) How do I properly go about exomaging? I'm not too familiar with the new frig runes (took a long break).
  5. I'm looking for a good two character combo in the heroic server that is good for PvM/training/hunting higher level monsters for drops. and maybe for defending myself against aggros as well. I do not intend on getting higher than level 70~80 really. I was thinking something that would complement an iop
  6. Cool thanks everyone, more opinion appreciated
  7. I was wondering what the best/most ideal two character combo would be for the Heroic Server. I'm looking for quick leveling via PvM, possibly from time to time PvP, and maybe able to hold it's own when aggro'd. My highest priority is looking to focus on power leveling in PvM. Also, I'm curious to hear suggestions for a three character combo as well. Thanks!
  8. I was hoping to avoid chafer belt.. no agi and let's face it i don't think a 17X char should be using it xD but is that my last resort?
  9. My sac will soon be level 17X, and I wanted to get it oracular hammers at 1/2 without turquoise dofus. I realized that I can only achieve this if I keep my AP base at 8 (so no room for swap) and if I have 9 AP I'll only be able to have around 30 crits. Is it worth it to have the hammer not at 1/2 with 9 AP base or should I just stick with daggers 1/2 and 9 AP base? Or is it actually possible to get 1/2 hammer in the 17X range with 9 AP (gelano)?
  10. So with windows 7, what should I do for 8 accounts? I sometimes have trouble positioning all of my chars before the time limit to join is up. I use alt + esc but I was wondering what the most efficient method is?
  11. Will the double experience weekend that Ankama is promoting work in the arena as well? And at what time for eastern USA will it come into effect?
  12. This whole method can be summed up in one commonly known term: Merchanting Buy cheap/sell for more, rinse and repeat. But at the same time, this is of a risk so imo this isn't advisable for people that do not know the market trends/are idiots/or have little cash. The more money you put into the system, the more you could get out, but the more risk. The less you put into the system, the less you could get out, the less risk (macroeconomics 101). The issue isn't that people don't know how to make money, the issue is that people are lazy. It's up to how lazy/committed someone is.
  13. Got into my first college - Rutgers Business and Engineering
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      Howdy, my name is Rawhide Kobayashi. I'm a 27 year old Japanese Japamerican (western culture fan for you foreigners). I brand and wrangle cattle on my ranch, and spend my days perfecting the craft and enjoying superior American passtimes. (Barbeque, Rodeo, Fireworks) I train with my branding iron every day, this superior weapon can permanently leave my ranch emblem on a cattle's hide because it is white-hot, and is vastly superior to any other method of livestock marking. I earned my branding license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day. I speak English fluently, both Texas and Oklahoma dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about American history and their cowboy code, which I follow 100% When I get my American visa, I am moving to Dallas to work in an oil field to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become a cattle wrangler for the Double Cross Ranch or an oil rig operator for Exxon-Mobil! I own several cowboy hats, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to America, so I can fit in easier. I rebel against my elders and seniors and speak English as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond. Wish me luck in America!
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