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  1. aah yes :P will have to level it too!

  2. That and the lashing claw buffs are my main draw. XD I came back on Thursday~ :D

  3. Syyyd :> Sexy new osa hair! may just have to start playing again

  4. Skullium

    2.9.0 Changelogs

    osa <3 enu <3 sac <3
  5. Skullium

    Almanax: Making each day unique!

    but a year on, and it's total crap.. you can't even make afew mil from trying to sell it on? :(
  6. Skullium

    Int sacrier viable? (Endgame)

    It's a fixed heal I thought, can't change it :s
  7. Skullium

    200lvl spell Dopple

    Sac : The best, pretty nice summon with pain shared too + extra attract (if he gets it right) Osa: buffs are great, can be semi-decent hitting with bears and that Eni : crap Enu: Another accell? awesome! I'd rather the summon for greed than the actual spell for some reason
  8. Skullium

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Being unscrolled doesn't stop you running and killing sh* with ease
  9. Skullium

    The poor, ruined Xelor

  10. Skullium

    some 2.7 changes

    Well, I only run kolosso on 5, and even then the venom room is a b*tch :/ (compared to the other rooms, I mean it isn't that hard.. but requires some sortof tactic to not get mass raped) I'd imagine on more chars where theres tons more... x_x I guess the best way is to throw them away in a corner, take their mp and try keep away? Just till you're buffed then run in and aoe attack to abuse the sac spell? As for splin, I ran that earlier and apart from on bribe turn the turtle only vulned him once, which made it abit longer :( I didn't see much difference/change, oh and the starting spots >:/ wouldn't want to CC the whole mob, so had to majorly split up, up top
  11. I find it much easier to just kill kami first, then tengu>his 2 bitches then fuji I try not to hang around the ice blocks because.. lets be honest thats just a pain, I run down to the right hand side and keep it retreated and lashed (the fuji) Though even running on 5, it's a pain with the erosion and the tengu summons which can get in the way >< it's just all too cramped
  12. Skullium

    Bwak nests?

    Ah ok cheers xD for some reason earlier it wouldn't let me click on the nests .. /noob Edit : Apparently, you can't already have an egg in your invent :/
  13. Skullium

    Bwak nests?

    Were they removed? or moved somewhere? Need to farm some bwak eggs for kwak hats :( I hope they don't just spawn in dungeon
  14. Same with the glyphs gargole has in DP ;/