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  1. Hi all, As there was demand on the official DOFUS forums for a Profession Experience Calculator, I've gone ahead and created one: click here to take a look (and click File > Download as to download an editable copy). When calculating DOFUS PC profession experience... Enter your Current level, Target level and Level of item being crafted into the boxes with red outlines; You will be told immediately whether or not you can use that craft to reach the Target level - "YES" will be shown if there are no violations (eg crafting a level 10 item at level 170, whi
  2. Hey, I don't consider myself a pro by any means but I play on eight accounts (c. level 80/90 at the mo) and have almost all professions level 100. If you're on Grandapan, hit me up (IGN Scapegoat).
  3. I know next to nothing about maging, and would love any tool that takes the thought out of it. Yes, I can just open up a calculator and work out the sink manually, but I don't think there's anything to lose if there's a tool that could calculate that for me. I personally would like to mage on Dofus Touch (on my phone) while at the same time having the tool open on my PC, so the copy/paste method (though super useful) wouldn't help me. It would be good to have the option to either copy/paste or manually enter the data.
  4. Thanks for the response, Kiba! Just to clarify, my reply was more of a response to Dacheat's "they'll scrap the project within the first year" comment - I appreciate that a lot of downloads doesn't necessarily warrant a sub-forum. I tried Dofus Touch just on the off chance that it'd reinvigorate my love for Dofus, and now I'm pretty dedicated to it. They did a great job, particularly with the UI on the mobile port. Perhaps people would be more inclined to post about Dofus Touch if there was a sub-forum? I personally didn't consider posting in "Other" as I associate t
  5. Hi guys, I hate to necropost, but it seems logical in this situation. With over 500,000 downloads on the Google Play store, I feel like a Dofus Touch subforum would be warranted. What was the outcome of your discussions? Cheers, Adam
  6. Updated OP with results: As of 0900 BST, 100% of votes have been counted, with 48.1% voting to REMAIN in the EU and 51.9% voting to LEAVE. Remember that this does not mean that the UK are now out of the EU - exit terms will be negotiated over the next two years.
  7. Less than an hour to go until voting closes!
  8. I must say I'm quite surprised by the votes so far. Remember, if you're able to vote there's only three more hours to go! Let me know if you need help finding your local polling station. :)
  9. UPDATE: As of 09:00 BST, 100% of votes have been counted, with 48.1% voting to REMAIN in the EU and 51.9% voting to LEAVE. Remember that this does not mean that the UK are now out of the EU - exit terms will be negotiated over the next two years. So today's the day of the EU referendum, and I've no doubt that I'm not the only one curious about how my fellow Brits have voted/will be voting. Use the poll above to let us know which way. For those who can't vote: I'm also curious to know how you would vote if you were able. Post below to let us know. Current prediction: The Telegraph's lates
  10. Vahe


    Or... perhaps they're getting ideas from you! :ph34r: Just wanted to say: I'm really impressed with the progress, and your map continues to be a super useful tool. Keep up the great work!
  11. Vahe


    That is precisely what I had in mind - great job! So glad to hear that the map is receiving the recognition it deserves. :)
  12. Vahe


    How exciting! I look forward to seeing it in action. :)
  13. Vahe


    Firstly, what an amazing resource! You've done an incredible job with this - thanks so much! In the interest of continuous improvement, I've a few suggestions that would make the tool a little more user-friendly (if that were possible!) for me personally: If you are displaying several resources from different menus (eg one from Alchemist and one from Farmer), you would have to individually go into each menu to stop displaying them. It would be nifty if all displayed resources are shown somewhere (along the top, perhaps?) to allow for easy hiding. Alternatively, a right-click to hide featu
  14. Thanks for your input, Auron - and thanks for the blast from the past! I'd almost forgotten a lot of those. Though, how those spells turned out reinforces, for me at least, that Ecaflip's Luck should really head the same way. The fact that the Panda/Eca team pairing is employed to use the invincibility mechanic demonstrates that there is a problem (in the same way that the Elio/Eca pairing used to be employed because of how AoN worked through portals). At the end of the day, I suppose it depends on your definition of the word "problem".
  15. Bump! Got a decent discussion going on the official forums. Generally split as to whether or not this is a problem - would be cool to hear more thoughts. :)
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