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  1. ❤️

    1. Cjmanrules


      I can't believe I didn't see this until now! 💜


    2. Zenrad


      Always lurkin!

    3. Cjmanrules


      Nice to see you again! We should chat sometime!

  2. Hope life is treating you well, I know you don't come on much anymore. Been so long since I said hi to you and Charley. Maybe sometime you'll come back for the nostalgia! 

  3. I don't get to see you anymore as the years have passed. Missed ya Caj! You're still a creepur 😄

  4. Amber, I think what you did to bring the community together is amazing. It breaks my heart that such a good person was taken from this world. Sarah known as (Wink-Wink) was a memorable person in the Dofus community, I have known her since I first started playing and have continued our friendship throughout the years. It troubles me because I didn't see the news until late Sunday while I was visiting family in another state. This broke my heart and I immediately came back home. Sarah started this game years ago when she wasn't the greatest at socializing. I remember how much we used to talk abo
  5. Haha it's always nice to see OG quest items, the good ol' days!
  6. I know it's been a while but I thought this was amusing. Strokens were removed from obtaining a while ago but some still lingered in quest items on various alts. Anyone still have these collectables?
  7. Caj is such a creeper c:

  8. Hmm would this count? A while back when I was a bow meow ghost.
  9. Alex come back now :>

  10. CJmanSUCKS, What you been up too man?

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