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  1. Np, I'll just invest a few more.. hours.. into it.. no biggie! Cheers o/
  2. Okay scratch that, I've done it and I've finished the Bonta alignment quest chain, ended up subscribing 4 man team just for that. However, I've done quests up to #70 a few years back and I'm already lvl 3 Salvatory spirit order but can't seem to accept the quest for lvl 4 even though I have a green dot pointing me to the tower of Bontarian orders. Is it a known issue? If so, does resetting the order help or am I stuck here waiting for Ankama's mercy? (I tried relogging, that only made the green dot disappear and nothing changed)
  3. Uhuh, I've been making progress with Bonta alignment quests and I'm currently stuck on #77, where I get to engage in a super fun fight with a mysterious box. I can't be arsed to sub chars I'm not going to play, so if there's anyone who can land me a hand or wants to join in for shits and giggles, it'd be appreciated. P.S. I've read the spoilers and I have no clue what I'm doing, mostly because I didn't join the fight on 4 qq I'm on Rushu, /w Fruitstar, volunteers get candies. And maybe a cookie if there's any left!
  4. You only get power debuff if you start your turns close to an ally with debuff (only 1 gets it iirc), it's contagious. So you gotta pay attention who's got it and isolate them away from ''healthy'' ones. As for the map, I do recommend to check it before the actual fight, cause, if you get a fucked up ranged and split up map, you're doomed. Good luck :)
  5. Bye Jesus man! Was a pleasure booming with you :) Take care ~
  6. Ty, tyvm. Panda feca eni iop. Most useful tip was Jester's one. Do not finish your turns close to characters with -damage debuff. However, the NPC handicap kinda got me, as he spams magnet and pulls chars close to each other, when he's not busy trying to get himself killed that is. Thanks for sharing the experiences guys o/
  7. Having a bunch of difficulties with Amy myself, I figured I'd open a separate topic to make your and my own life easier. Translated some facts from french forums, you're welcome to add whatever you find useful about killing her in Dark Jungle or Vigilante base. Poison Amy (lvl 140) On the start of each Amy's turn, every character deals around 400 dmg in 2-3 range AoE around them. So avoid being grouped if you can to prevent it. There's a gravity state applied in the fight, but it's over after 5 turns apparently. Every dead ally is turned into a Dark Treeckler, that boosts Amy's power for 200 and it can be very fatal and annoying. She randomly picks a bramble and turns it into a Living Bramble, that, if killed, heals her for about 500 HP (?) She applies Empathic state to a random character, who will then receive massive damage reflect for every hit Amy takes. At the start of her turn, she summons a field of brambles (4x4 tiles or so) around herself and around every character on the map. They don't do anything special, apart reflecting nearly unnoticeable amount of damage, and being generally annoying, since they're in rooted state. You have to fight your way up to her. She re-summons them every 7th turn and heals for the amount of damage they received. Every turn, Amy applies a 100-150 power debuff to the allies, which cannot be removed. Yes, the debuff stacks, so soon you will be hitting as much as that Tofu out there does. Amy gains about 2000 shield in case of receiving pushback damage, starting adjacent to one of her brambles, AP / MP removal. Thanks to Jesternaut The tactics? We've managed to beat her once, and that was when we caught her on a fairly small and a CC map. We threw iop, masq and a xelor with massive damage output around her (later sac supported too), with panda closing the 4th tile and playing a damagedealing game. Eni, enu and feca made their way through, close to her and hit her from diagonal opening. Watch out whom she puts Empathic state on and don't hesitate to immune them, cause they'll die badly if you don't. Also if you can buy yourself an extra turn with altruism - do it. If you see the map is ranged, I'd wholeheartedly suggest you to run for your life.
  8. Eni / Xelor combo. I find it funny because I play an eni like any other class, just not the eni itself. I guess now I'm a panda too. :D
  9. From 11th of June 2006. until 3rd of September 2013. A lot of time has passed, but we did it somehow! -The Heroes-, 4th guild on Rushu, and first PL guild on Dofus to ding lvl 200! Once again, congratulations to You, it was fun, and I'm damn proud I've had a chance to be a part of it. You're awesome.
  10. Guild : -The-Heroes- Server : Rushu Thought it'd be nice, so hell, why not?! :)
  11. Z pogodą nie wygrasz.

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