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Everything posted by cro

  1. Stats I want: 1 MP 390+ vit (overmaged vit) 78+ str (you get 3mk more if it's 80 str) 35+ wis 2 ch 12 dmgs 7% res 10 lock 0+ AP red as you can see, you can lose all AP reduction I don't know how hard it is to get overmage+exo, but if it gets too hard you can get maybe 1 lock or 3 wis less About price, I have no idea, didn't see any exo crustic with 0 ap red nor any with overmage+exo, so can't really define price. My guess is 30mk, but I might be wrong. EDIT: bought one for 38mk: 385 vit, 75 str, 10-11 dmgs, 7 lock nice work Hyun
  2. I don't know how much those items cost, but my guess is 30mk each. Prove me wrong and I'll pay more. Buying perfect AP Cubist Shield Bought from xjoost stats: 1 AP 1 range 10% fire res 15 mp red 15 ranged dmg -9 spell dmg Buying MP Queen of Fate Necklace stats: 1 MP 340+ vit 56+ int 56+ cha 36+ wis 1 ap 1 summons 11+ fire dmg 11+ water dmg 0+ prospecting 10% air res 5+ dodge 7 mp red 22+ crit dmg EDIT: ReaperSurm was right, so I gave up on this exo amulet and got another exo, thx for the advice :)
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a nice AP inky. Paying up to 100mk. min stats: vit: 345+ str: 68+ int: 66+ wis: 35+ dmg: 8+ all res: 10 ch: 3 range: 0+ 1) I'll buy inky that has 9 dmg and 0 range, but I won't buy inky that has 8 dmg and 0 range 2) I'll pay more for inky that has 10 dmg and 0 range than 8 dmg and 1 range 3) 10 dmg and 2 ch works too EDIT: bought one with a bit lower than min stats for 72mk
  4. I have level 200 Iop (str), what I want is something that works great with iop, main goal are duo achs, I was thinking maybe int sram, int enu, or mask
  5. title said it all, orche, 39mk, pm me if you want to buy it
  6. Don't know what's current price but I'm willing to pay up to 130mk for it. Stats i want: 345+ vit 68+ str 65+ int 35+ wis 9+ dmg 3 ch 1 range 10% all res and ofc, 1 AP pm me here or in game to negotiate price/stats EDIT: updated minimum stats because I can wait as long as needed to find perfect inky
  7. B> AP inky

    fyi not everyone cares about attention like you, No, I'm serious about buying this cape, if someone has great ap inky please pm me stats and your price
  8. B> AP inky

    bump, changed price and stats
  9. Kralove oppening

    I need it too, so when will we do it?
  10. Hi, looking for MP exo missiz ring, paying around 70mk, minimum non-mp stats: 290+ vit, 45+ str 45+ int 30+ cha 3 crit 9+ dmgs 0+ heals -7 dodge 9+ crit dmg 10 earth res pm me here or in game, CRO-Knight
  11. hey hey, how are you doing there?

  12. Forever Harvest. Trading arch

    ok, what's your ingame nick?
  13. Forever Harvest. Trading arch

    hi, I have Treekalack the Sad, how about Piwilde the Bossie for it?