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  1. tell mad hp to prepare for last fight i am login doone for last one

  2. i will be on at 19 doone still dont know if he will come

  3. stabbi

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Today was on rushu and saw soooo nice agi cra, so i decide to make agi set for mine :D And after 7 runes comes 1 part of new set!
  4. stabbi

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    I dont use IE lol , i just got IE with comp and never delete it..
  5. stabbi

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    looks good :P
  6. stabbi

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    Finally after 90+ souls <333 20 ch one!
  7. stabbi

    Post your Guts

    If u want int/agi eni combine alister with good int items :D u can easy have 600/600 stats :P
  8. stabbi

    Korriander Eyes

    i think i have 2-3 in bank if u need it
  9. stabbi

    Post Your Awesome XP

    sick xp and i like it <333
  10. stabbi

    Post your Guts

    ewwwww 9 ap :S fix that !!!!
  11. stabbi

    Post your Guts

    It's fuji cape atm( working on ap inky/ogivol), bherb belt and yes full alist :D Vit trophy stay till i mage some cape with vitality:D prolly when i mage ap cape will go 12/6 with mp gelano :P
  12. stabbi

    Post your Guts

    i love my sac based agi <333
  13. stabbi

    Post your Guts

    Lovelly pp :D
  14. stabbi

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I tryed 30 mp runes on my eni mansion yesterday, well going nice with 9 heals but idc much about 1-2 heals when she have 1000 int
  15. stabbi

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    How much does a failure fuck up the amulet? Cause I want to MP mage 5 kralomansions :P First mansion take me 6 AP and 38 MP runes... first kringlove hmm around 60 AP runes, 2 was like 25 runes :D Actually u use more pp and vit runes then ap and mp :P