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  1. tell mad hp to prepare for last fight i am login doone for last one

  2. i will be on at 19 doone still dont know if he will come

  3. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    I also had problem to register but how i see now i am on list
  4. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    This is so sexy but i dont have enough agi for sunshade :S Can replace armored with yellow piwin hmm :D
  5. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    Ok just 1 question.... how much dmg ur friend sadi can make with that set? I have 100 crit 50 all linear combination but my granny hit better...
  6. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    Why all think about 1/2 lechal i think mistake sram will be more usefull + eca bb sac in 2 turns :D
  7. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    1. If imp go with cra then we dont have eni 2. i also thinking about feca sadi sac cra combination, mp/ap rape ,manipulation, healing and good dmg Xel Cra Sram Eca- OsaIop Enu Masq- i whould replace osa with xelor here , so both team have dispel and ap giver
  8. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    even with 10 ap kaya(miss-marley ) is good
  9. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    If summon want go with osa i suggest phil panda
  10. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    Ok last i heard is that phil planing to go and doone decide to go with feca. And i am almost rdy just need to make xa cape muahahahaha :P
  11. stabbi

    Goultarminator 2012 ...WINNERS

    If i mage one u can have it :D FELLOW SOLARIANS ~ the time has come.... For many years now, Solar has been disregarded, shunned, put-down, laughed at, not taken seriously.... well...the time has come for change. It's time that we learn to organise ourselves, It's time that we stop sitting idly by and leaving things to chance, It's time that we work and invest in our passions, It's time to Unite and be strong... It's time to show those haters what a mighty server we have become!!!! Last year, our best team won 2/3 fights, and was only 20 points away from making it to the final phases...... Pkerby for president! If gii want go with sac then i can add my osa or iop :D
  12. stabbi

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Today was on rushu and saw soooo nice agi cra, so i decide to make agi set for mine :D And after 7 runes comes 1 part of new set!
  13. stabbi

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    I dont use IE lol , i just got IE with comp and never delete it..
  14. stabbi

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    looks good :P
  15. stabbi

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    Finally after 90+ souls <333 20 ch one!

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