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  1. Goult Thread #6 Finished

    That was the second Goultarminator. The irony is that in the first Goult we didn't get banned, despite Odie playing all three accounts (it's OK to admit this now, we quit years ago) in our epic win over Jiva A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SikjV2X8csk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP5Hu_PGRJk Credit where credit's due, Odie killed it.
  2. !^^!^^! Heaven Knights !^^!^^!

    Whoah, it would appear that my Imps login is still working despite me having quit Dofus and Imps 18 months ago. I know a few of you might still remember me. I had some drinks in London with one of your members who tells me that you're nearing level 200. That is excellent news, many grats. I invested many years of my life into HK and I can't tell you how pleased I am that HK is still thriving. Love, peace, etc. Old-Nick (the original bad ass Rosal eni)
  3. Just realized that you quit.....im fucking crying bro :(

  4. Hey man, Just stopped by to say....U truly inspire me..one of the best players i have seen....Goodluck on your new server man!

  5. Bad things come in threes

    At last, I can get a full team of 8 on the Valhalla server! P.S. On the Valhalla server the challenges are supposed to be impossible to fail, but I'm sure Bobby will still find a way :)
  6. Rosalfest 2011 Fighting Schedule & Brackets

    Sorry to screw things up Ralf, but Team 3A is pulling out. At least it will give you a bit more time to arrange for the final. Thanks for all your hard work organising this, and may the best team win.
  7. Old-Nick, Nuke and Strokenmy-Leash have transferred permanently from Rosal to an exclusive new server. On the Valhalla server: you can still have 16ap you can still buff sacs to +4000 rekop is still ... well you get the picture I won't say any goodbyes because it would take too long and I'd miss people out.
  8. Project V....

    Psh does no one have a Classical education any more? Vulcan was the Roman god of fire; and 'vulcanology' is the study of volcanoes.
  9. Moving To Rosal

    You can see a list of the 'top' guilds on Rosal here ranked by level, with numbers of members shown. Most of them are lame. But you can find that out for yourself.
  10. Rosalfest 2011 Fighting Schedule & Brackets

    It is of course up to Ralfeh what happens, but I'd have thought even a 1v1 duel or tossing a coin would be better than both teams being disqualified and Shieldale and Sjena cruising through to the final without playing a semi-?
  11. Rosal's, Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Davi-jp ganging? Wow, I've never heard of that happening ...
  12. Rosalfest 2011 Fighting Schedule & Brackets

    Your timezone is unacceptable, please move to the other side of the world. :P It looks like we'll probably have to go for a 00:00 DUT start then, on the evening of Tuesday 14th (technically Wed morning) or Wed 15th (technically Thu morning). Is this OK with you Ninja/Black-Demon/Kingo?
  13. Rosalfest 2011 Fighting Schedule & Brackets

    I assume you mean 'under the tier's maximum level' (e.g. Gelano and Peki are both level 60?)
  14. Rosal's, Post your "owning" pictures here!

    This is why eni v eni is fail - by the end he had just under 1000 max HP and I had just under 2000 :lol: Suggestions? How about after an hour of PvP (prism, heart, aggro, perc?) everyone enters the unhealable state?
  15. PC> AP Kringlove.

    160mk cash. (yeah I know we have a load of AP rings already, but it's fun to stop other people getting them!)