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  1. SlutOfAstrub


    I remember seeing some nerfs to Treasure Hunts like how there's no longer x4 for aggro, Is it still worth doing if not then what would be a quit way to catch up? Farming mobs or achievs?
  2. SlutOfAstrub

    Best Server

    I'd probably just stick to normal Dofus because I tried Dofus Touch but didn't really feel it.
  3. SlutOfAstrub

    Best Server

    Hey! Just wanted to know which server would be the best to start fresh. I have some characters on echo and something on Fraktal mono server too, but I want to just start anew (don't have too much time to play). What would be better for that then, Echo or mono and if mono than which server has the biggest English community with some active guild to play with. Don't want any biased answers just because you play on that server.
  4. SlutOfAstrub

    Ban me

    I quit playing Dofus some time ago, but for some reason I sometimes return to this forum to read random stuff people say about the game. It somehow affects me because every single time I come here, I feel like i should come back to this game, that it would be fun. I don't want that to happen, so if possible, could anyone ban me from this forum so I would no longer have anything that relates to Dofus? Thank you in advance!
  5. SlutOfAstrub

    Post your goals and achievements

    It's really amazing how you're able to solo it considering a lot of people cannot do it with full team...BUT! What I would love to see is you do it either solo or duo with classes that people say it's impossible to do. It should be interesting to see you achieving that.
  6. SlutOfAstrub

    Sac for solo?

    Wanted to know if current Sac is any good for solo play. I need something that won't require a lot of kamas, so if Sac aint good, what would be the best class to just play around with.
  7. SlutOfAstrub

    server merge?

    pls do that
  8. SlutOfAstrub

    server merge?

    Think it would be the time to come back to Dofus again? No idea how it's gonna affect the economy. Is it gonna be something like populated french servers (mean with market prices)?
  9. SlutOfAstrub

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I see that exoing brought you a fortune.
  10. SlutOfAstrub

    Sacrier Revamp Devblog

    Sac with 4.2k hp makes me cry
  11. SlutOfAstrub

    Multi account program

    This program could allow all your other chars to instantly follow your main char. So when you move around the map, you only need to control one account instead of using tab.
  12. SlutOfAstrub

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    sup with nomarow rings?
  13. SlutOfAstrub

    Dofus Touch Help

    Anyone got into Dofus Touch to the point where they consider themselves pro af? Been some time and wanted to know what could be best to do etc....just a lot of questions in general. Playing Enu btw.
  14. SlutOfAstrub

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    get scammed pls