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  1. Question! If I have some rewards and shop items on one character on Temporis 2 and then starter playing on Temporis 1, would everything transfer after temporis ends or just from one character?
  2. it really sucks playing solo...especially since item drop is affected by prospecting
  3. Even if all rewards were total garbage, I'd still play it. Hate to see people complain that they're gonna waste their 2 months for shit rewards. I'm doing it only because I want unique rewards that aren't available through anything else. BTW if there is anyone one Temporis 2, we should make a guild just for easy exchanging of items.
  4. SlutOfAstrub

    Dofus Active Players

    Can someone tell me how did dofus gain over 200k players in 2 days?
  5. I was wondering, what about an item like Ellie's Mental Amulet? Would it still drop?
  6. Would be nice to have a guild or two with english-speaking ppl so that we could trade with ease.
  7. Azaax on Temporis 2 Is there any xp multiplier? If so by how much. Also, what about Dofuses, trophies, pets and scrolls? First time playing on Temporis and 2-3 months seems kinda impossible to get all the scrolls and pets etc. Are these also gonna drop from monsters?
  8. SlutOfAstrub

    S> Crocobur

    anyone knows of site like dofusplanner that has all these new items?
  9. SlutOfAstrub

    Under The Edge

    Any spots left for people to join? If yes can I at least get some help with adventure set?
  10. SlutOfAstrub


    I'd try henual but all my "earned" kamas is on eratz
  11. SlutOfAstrub

    Echo or Mono

    Funny thing is that I found and joined Ruby before u posted it