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  • Birthday 01/27/1988

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    "Land Of The Heartless" Cleve, OH
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    i Quit yo' jibba-jabba! 2 kill thngs....zaap sit, make nabs when bord, eat cold pizza, concerts, I <3 ~pot~ tis nice good ye? yes, yes it is no other answer will suffice ;-;; manga, ne rpg, anime ofc ~>shisomuru< ill rape ur!!! Hentai yez plx! k thx, nethng tht has to do wth animals =3 i <3 dogs!! m has a pitbull hes a big baby but will eat ur hed off x.x! music, nature ~blahblahblahblah ect ect, k thx bi

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    Mystic-Luna(retired) Lyndo/16X, Obsess/11X, Xposure/74...all kinda retired atm till I return :'(!

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    luks lyk pewp

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  1. i hope you are well ^^

  2. if you ever read this, add flipoutx2 to skype ;)

  3. Im rarely on imps an never on dofus i need a com i miss my friends gek chiunis fllliiiiiipp everyone

  4. SMOKE BREAK! Hand me a lighter! xoxox

  5. .....Imps u fail!

  6. Wow...they r making Imps like a FB now? o.o this is too odd

  7. add me on FB Bianca Bryant

  8. heya hun havent been on myself in a year lmao since april of 2010! neway ill keep in touch luv ya lots!

  9. but...i shalll b back! i miss u all so much an kikin ass with my pendicub =3

  10. lol sorta did quit....RL needed me lmao ;D but yea ive been off dofus since april of last yr. just enjoying life an what not doin things with my daughter she just turned 5 in april ^_^ school soon for her lelel

  11. i haven't been on in a year or more.

    thought i would stop by ;D

    how are you and your daughter doing, luna? ^^;

  12. i thought u quit :c, u still play? :D


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