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  1. Always, just pm Princess, Shuckle, Sleep, Greysink, Arch, orrrrrrrrrrrr someone else
  2. 25 individual users online today! ROYALTY UWU
  3. A decent amount of multi-accounters in the guild now, but still plenty of solo/duo group dungeon runs x) Guild Level 41 ROYALTY MEMBERS DOING IT BIG IN 2020 SHOUTOUT TO AUBERGINES
  4. @Germy Come play I gift you prespic and rats .................(: hhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. VERY NICE VERY STRONG GUILD A++ Join if you like very social atmosphere and lots of grouping with solo/duo accounts.
  6. I'm enjoying Royalty guild, lots of solo players
  7. Happy to see more english guilds EDIT: IM IN
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