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  1. Cuckoo

    S> Str Meats

    Selling +1 Strength meat x 1300 [Moowolf Muzzle Vinaigrette] [Dragon Pig Roast] Condition <50 Strength. Priced lower than the equivalent Str scrolls 1-10 16,000k/u 11-20 15,000k/u 21-50 14,000k/u 51-100 13,000k/u
  2. Cuckoo

    Living Shushu Set (and promos)!

    They look great. I agree with Rumple on the fact that they're an additional free gift with standard Ogrines packs (which individually equate to about 6 and 12 months of subscription time, the standard for living capes & hats in the past). My only reservation is with the time limit, and no mention of any 'release date' for general access to these items, if there ever will be. I just bought subscriptions a couple of days ago and can't help feeling a little displaced - when I'm ready to subscribe again the offer would have long expired.. why on Earth did they scrap their old method, where the gifts where always available and you would sub when ready? :(
  3. Cuckoo

    Seemyool stats

    This excited me too much.
  4. Cuckoo

    Seemyool stats

    I noticed the Wild Seemyools have up to 3 matings. Is this actually so or just one and run like the Wild Dragoturkeys?
  5. Cuckoo

    Sufokian Exploration Equipment

    Thanks all. The two-item rotation makes sense. But characters without the item in their inventory always get teleported away post-fight?
  6. Do I need these exploration items (e.g. Propulsion Accelerator) on each character every time they are to traverse into the respective zone, or are they only needed once? In other words do I need to collect 150 Pearl of the Depths + resources on each character to make the total required exploration equipment, or can an individual item be shared within a team?
  7. Cuckoo

    First harness

    After several centuries of Dragoturkeys being the only member of the Mount category, I expected more from the Muldos aesthetically. Imho they look like the new ugliest petmount.
  8. Cuckoo

    Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Enurado [1,-40] - 98 uses left - 2000h DUT.
  9. Cuckoo

    Pandora mob spawn

    Thanks for all of the replies. Still no luck for me so I imagine it's locked away in one of the Villages.. great..
  10. Cuckoo

    Pandora mob spawn

    I'm having trouble finding this guy. Can only one spawn in Pandala at any given time? What's the cooldown? Thanks.
  11. Cuckoo

    Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Xelorium [-20,-52], found at 0600 DUT
  12. Cuckoo

    Advent Calendar 2015

    For the 2nd Dec, it could be either of these and I'm not sure which; any ideas?
  13. Maximum AP Loss Res., Air Res., Earth % Res., Agility, Crits & Summon. Missing 1 Fire/Air Damage, 1 Intelligence, 11 Vit, 10 Wis/PP. 15mk, negotiable.
  14. What is the appx. rate for these pets at maximum stats, including each element for the Toucantankerous? Thanks!
  15. Cuckoo

    Preserved Meat

    Is there a way to convert multiple at one time?