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  1. Post Your Interfaces!

    meanwhile in "I want to use the same client-size as before!"-land: chatwindow too tiny to even bother talking to ppl...
  2. Minor trophy -> scroll down as far as you can -> left one
  3. Alignment quest help thread

    Any ideas where to look for the sidimote trools in Brakmar #80? Nvm... Ankama failed. It's south-west and not south-east -.-'
  4. Alignment quest help thread

    Try the hidden map on [3,17], the entrance spot is visible but most people don't see it (= me until 3 weeks ago when someone pointed it out to me *g*). It's in the right upper corner.
  5. 2.32 Changelog

    It's still possible on the beta :o
  6. Why does Ankama do this?

    Nowadays they could bring HH back because of the changes they've made to the alignment system: - no loss of honour points when closing wings - no attacking neutrals - only attacking players with open wings So yeah, it's easier now to just close your wings and do some other stuff than it was before and it's perfectly safe now for neutrals and aligned ppl with closed wings. BUT Afaik another big reason for them to shut down HH was the people who abused the system by making agreements with other players to skip the fight, so that there were barely any real pvp fights. It was all about the rewards and that surely has not changed since they shut down HH.
  7. Post Your Awesome XP

    Actually, you would not see the multiplier behind his name if this fight got him the lvlup to 200, so the question was absolutely legit :D
  8. 2.30 Changelog

    Ok, at first I was like "That's insane! They clearly have not tested this - at all." but now I'm wondering if this some kind of intentional joke as their method to ensure that there will be no completed guides for the quest when it goes live... and change it to the real thing on the normal servers. That would be one hell of a joke though.
  9. Best places to farm Bulbutting?

    You need 3 normal bulbigs for one stat and since they updated their spawn rate it's rather easy to find mobs with 1-3 bulbigs in it.
  10. Profession Lumberjack

    In the Amakna Forest (somewhere around the Drill/the LJ workshop) there are a few hazel trees but I haven't found any other location yet.
  11. changelog 2.29

    *waits for the shitstorm from players who already have trouble using their 40sec turn-time* :x
  12. -

    Imho that could cause confusion aswell. There are people (like me) who hate collecting for several ochre dofus at once, so they do it one after another and use the global modifier to get rid of the completed one (= -1 to all archmonsters). Naming it "complete archmonster sets" sounds like it would only be possible to add and not to substract.
  13. Krosmaster discontinued ?

    Apparently that's what we've all been looking for: Source
  14. Just a heads up, next Tuesday maintenance brings something old back: the possibility of crushing runes! So 10 small runes = 1 pa rune and 10 pa runes = 1 ra rune, just as it was back in the old days. -> Yay! edit: thx winged-one for pointing out that I forgot to add my source: the German CCM Mark-E posted it in the changelog for 3/3/2015 http://forum.dofus.com/de/2-schwarzes-brett-ankuendigungen/48760-changelog-2-27-netz-todes?poid=267747(ofc in German)
  15. Class change -> Eliotrope

    Probably after this year's goult.