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  1. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I definitely did not expect this to land so soon but okay thank you so much Ankama.
  2. [Guide] Turquise Dofus - Furye fight

    Priceless guide, thank you! Probably saved me hours of frustration :^)
  3. Not sure what else to put in the title but basically I'm taking orders for mages that involve either overmages, res exos and those kinds of things. I don't think exos would be something I wanna do but we can always talk about it. /w Hellhounds or here on imps with whatever you need/have in mind. Cheers
  4. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Kinda self-conscious to post this but fuck that I LANDED A FUCKING EXO AAAAAAAAAAA 93 tries
  5. Hellhounds's Archmonster trade list

    only missing kralove now, if anyone knows/wants to open it, let me know. topic can be closed ty
  6. Hellhounds's Archmonster trade list

    updatedd trade arches with me pls
  7. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    oki thanks
  8. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Will it drop the agi if you have sink and go for something else like air damage or even exo res?
  9. Hey y'all, I'm finishing Eternal Harvest and I need a few arches. I'm willing to trade them before buying since I got a lot of doubles/triples, so if you're also doing the quest we can help each other out. I need: Mushdrill the Piercer Bworkoder the Mazter Jellyposukshion the Slim Arachma the Greek Koaldmen the Grumpy Ougathard the Fortunate Dragoskovit the Barefoot Hazwonball the Hickler Pandoracle the Opposing Force Tanaked the Stalker Moops the Bubbleboy Jackoalak the Moonwalker Mopfeet the Circular Koalakropolis the King of the Hill Trumpaynor the Survivor Tanukhiraru the Gifted As for my doubles I'll just leave my list here, anything marked as 2 or + means I'm up for a trade. http://dofus.eucurto.net/#/PublicList/956 Missing only Kralove, please let me know if there's any schedule on it. Cheers.
  10. Selling this Noh Cape mimi and two different Age-Old exos. AO MP exos - 15m each Noh Cape - Since I'm not sure how much they go for these days imma say 10m based on market prices and stuff Klime Cape - 18~m
  11. The official newbie question thread!

    What's the most efficient way to leech an alt to 200? Or some stuff people do? I remember 508 on big maps, 508 at the arena, EH, but there was something about Treasure Hunts (those monster mobs like Voldelor, Gein, etc) that I don't recall exactly when those things are the best option. Was it at 199? I have some frags lying around.
  12. Post your goals and achievements

    The monster achievement required Skemage, but it can only be found inside QoT. However there was an event that had special dungeon monsters outside of it, and people souled it. I beat that one in arena with a challenge and got the achiev :^)
  13. Post your goals and achievements

    Ornament obtained: [Srambad Visitor] Achievement unlocked: [Dark Court] Achievement unlocked: [Queen of Thieves (Tight)] Achievement unlocked: [Queen Me] What I began last year finally came to an end. Weeks of quests on my characters for title and going for First/Trio took me a lot of effort and mental strength. Tight was the last thing I was trying when I quit and I couldn't thank Goji enough for helping me with it. Don't even know what to say, it feels so good to actually have finished this and it definitely took me time and persistence. Special thanks to Joost for telling me that I needed to get a saved spot in dungeon before doing the soul at the arena for achieves (not sure if necessary but you can't be too careful :p) and Мвк that helped me in the arena mob.
  14. The official newbie question thread!

    @Sunbathe I didn't know that, thanks! @Gravestorm I read the link you posted and the dev about it, they mention a "December update". I assume this didn't go online yet and were they meaning December 2017? Didn't know they had already settled on what to do after 200, seems like a cool concept.