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  1. More an achievement than an awesome mage so wanted to share here. 120 tries. Not the best stats but works really well for me. Papa bless insomnia hhh
  2. Was a January goal but decided to just go for it since I was recovering from surgery and got a break from work.
  3. I still use autohotkey for moving between tabs and walking around. Iirc there are scripts that work for that as well in dofus 2.0 ^F1::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha{Enter} ^F2::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10 Sua.senha {Enter} ^F3::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F4::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F5::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F6::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F7::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F8::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} "seu login" e "sua senha" means "your login" and "your password". Found this which is where I always go whenever I start playing again and forget all about AutoHotKey, it's in portuguese but you can translate it with chrome. https://www.dofus.com/pt/forum/1118-jogabilidade/98998-tutorial-uso-eficiente-8-contas-otimizando-sua-jogabilidade
  4. Is the server still active? Link doesn't work
  5. Another instance the day after
  6. He ignored me as soon as I said it, I noticed because I was going to pm him this: /w Nahorn how do you do that btw? I was always curious, you do it at the exact same time [00:25] LORDEKARMA (Nahorn) is not online. [00:25] 19 Descendre 649 - 00:25 Beware
  7. Ochre 32, Ice 11 and Dolma 7. /w Hellhounds, /w Oclumencia or here on imps Please close, already sold.
  8. Class: Panda Build: Anything that's good for PVM. I think tank Pandas are best/meta? Just give me the main gear people use in high level content Kamas: Whatever tbh, no vulbis/ebony/ivory though Level: 200
  9. Been trying to mage it perfectly for someone but it came across pretty good to try and increase the wisdom. Looking for around 13m I can't erase the pictures Rob help me T_T Also, PC on the MP exo Xa's with Inky mimi? Thanks
  10. Updated with current arena price and the ones I already got
  11. Looking for around 4m for it. Also I can't delete this Komet picture under it
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