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  1. As I say in the video maybe I got something wrong, but maybe it is simply bugged.
  2. Hi, currently I have Iop, Cra, Rogue, Eni and Panda. But I don't know how idols are best to use to level new characters outside of specific fights like dimensions for instance. I would like to know what and where is a good idea to level new characters with this combo out of just copying what people do. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks to you for subbing 18 accounts, you da real mvp!
  4. Me and Jaelia are already organizing it. If you're reading this and could join, it would be much appreciated
  5. I misread it, thought we were already done with that
  6. Hey y'all, what about we organize ourselves to open this? What day is it best for everyone?
  7. This was definitely not an autowin as I thought it would be, and was the most fun I had in an achieve lately. Thanks @Veldin for sharing yours therefore motivating me to do it as well and @Jaelia for sharing the video. @Proxy-Error's comment also solved an issue I was having with timing my spells correctly, so thank you for that. @Goast is the best for lending me the Ivory as well hh
  8. Thank you! Already trying this with my team. If anybody is trying to understand (I had to try the dungeon myself to get this) Prohibition is necessary since you have to deal long range damage to one of the monsters, and then lock him.
  9. How was this possible? Is it a bug with yoshes again like we had with Nidas? I'm completely out of the loop on the new dungeons.
  10. I'm looking for a lock set for panda that can lock Meno. Needs to have decent res so I don't die to it. Currently with 266 lock (with full agility base) but I need more. 11/5 or 11/6, Dokoko and Emerald necessary. Level 200 and around 30~40m available?
  11. More an achievement than an awesome mage so wanted to share here. 120 tries. Not the best stats but works really well for me. Papa bless insomnia hhh
  12. Was a January goal but decided to just go for it since I was recovering from surgery and got a break from work.
  13. I still use autohotkey for moving between tabs and walking around. Iirc there are scripts that work for that as well in dofus 2.0 ^F1::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha{Enter} ^F2::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10 Sua.senha {Enter} ^F3::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F4::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F5::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F6::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F7::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} ^F8::Send Seu.login{Tab}{Sleep 10}Sua.senha {Enter} "seu login" e "sua senha" means "your login" and "your password". Found this which is where I always go whenever I start playing again and forget all about AutoHotKey, it's in portuguese but you can translate it with chrome. https://www.dofus.com/pt/forum/1118-jogabilidade/98998-tutorial-uso-eficiente-8-contas-otimizando-sua-jogabilidade
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