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  1. Long time since I was here and damn, brings back many memories even though my brain is quite fucked up. Anyone know what these old guys/girls do nowadays? I miss the golden days of Rushu, when me and Nakor made GH and also Nakor dropped the first Tailor-recipe or whatever it was called. Wonder if my accounts are still active :o
  2. Why click on such a link anyways? People like you are the reason Antivirus/etcetcetc-programs are even needed. I run no Antivirus, Windows 7 first leeked release with NO updates yada yada and I never had any problems... I remember when me and a friend integrated simple *.BAT-files into IRC 10-15 years ago that would delete certain systemfiles and such for the users who actually and clicked and ran the "xxx", It's to easy to fool people, always have been...
  3. @Roll: If you want you can add my PSN (AmnestyX) and the game "Drakensang" to the spreadsheet. My name there is Subban and I play on Balor (PvP). I have no idea how to edit the spreadsheet.
  4. Platinum Trophy on PS3 some days ago, maxlvl (81) and lvl 100 on all skills. Game was way to easy when you maxed out smithing/enchanting which was to easy imo. It's bad when you get as much smith/ench.exp making/enchanting Leather Bracers as making for example Dwarven, Orcish, Glass etc...
  5. I'm back on FB and I will soon be posting new annoying pics here since I'm single again. Hunting new pray since November! (Or 1998)
  6. Deactivated my FB-account btw, that's why my pics wont show anylonger.
  7. Uhh, was at a wedding some hours before this pic. Couldn't go in mankini or thongs ya know... Edit: (There are pictures of me on Facebook though) Mattias CarnegÄrd is my name. Edit 2: I don't play anylonger btw, I have no idea if someone else using my accounts though.
  8. PSN: AmnestyX Currently playing Red Dead Redemption, DCUO and getting FIFA 11 today or tomorrow. I played the BETA on DC Universe Online and I liked it alot. If anyone else is playing it feel free to add me. I'm making my first char today~
  9. It's taken in from Germany so I payed 12.99 Euros each here in Sweden. It's not that much money, better than buying it at Systembolaget (The only place in Sweden where you can buy alcohol)
  10. haha yeah falling asleep in a (whatever it's called) thingy is pretty <3 As you <3
  11. Half drunk. As usual. My small storage, bought beer for 4 weeks. (Some missing though) :) At a party somewhere, Facebook picture.
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